Is it normal to be more paranoid after a night where i didnt sleep?

I am very often more paranoid if I didn’t sleep. Is it normal when you have this disease? I feel like all the neighborhood knows that I am ill and is afraid from me or just avoid me. I am not sure 100% on this, I have some small doubt, but its strong as a feeling…
I couldn’t go out with my mom in this state. The battle of the day is lost once again.


It’s absolutely normal for symptoms to be worse after not enough sleep.


I diagnosed sz due to high insomnia…!! Sleep well guys…!!


Yes, used to be the case as I suffered from insomnia. Lack of sleep is detrimental to the average person, to us… it is like kryptonite


I start to hallucinate and become paranoid more at night when I am tired.


Lack of sleep can be detrimental for us. Anything going on as to why you couldn’t sleep?

I was hospitalized for my MI after a night of really bad sleep (like to the point that I was falling asleep all over the place), so it probably is normal.

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Yes. Sleep deprivation is common tactic for breaking prisoners of war. After day or two of no sleep you may start feeling very poorly and hallucinate, judgement goes on holiday and coordination suffers. Some believe that chronic sleep deprivation leads to decreased longevity and increased susceptibility to a variety of ailments, but I do not know if this has been validated. Lots of confounders.

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Sleep is very important.

Yes, it’s more normal to be paranoid after a night of restless sleep or no sleep.

I hope you can get some sleep. Maybe ask pdoc for meds. to help.

Sleep is number one. Try not to use any stimulants close to your bedtime. Also try limiting your use of electronics as they can disrupt your sleep as well.

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