Do you smell worse than before psychosis?

I find the fatter I get the more I stink and can’t control it. I shower once a day but i often forget areas. Sorry if this is gross. Sarcosines not helping me shower any better or brush my teeth any better.

I probably do though I’m told I don’t smell. But I only really have the motivation to have a shower every few weeks and only brush my teeth a little more often but not daily

Yes, because I shower less often.

I shower every other day now but especially when I have to go to work like today. I also am 6 foot 174 puonds or less

I don’t emit much odor…I guess it’s in the genes. I had 2 old girlfriends who wanted to date me again after we broke up, and they both said, “because you don’t smell”.

Even my wife was stunned when we started dating. She couldn’t believe that I had no body odor. Just lucky I guess.

I don’t shower everyday because I get yelled at for using water. But then my inlaws complain saying I stink. Is there any compromise that will make them happy?

I just realised I haven’t washed for ages, Can’t even blame lack of motivation . It just didn’t register that I should do so.