Wouldn't it be good to be able to wash

Without anxiously deliberating "Should I or shouldn’t I " . I’m washing more since I’ve been here but I still go through that process of psyching myself up to do it.
Some days it can be hard to get past the irrationality of “If I do something bad will happen”. The mind is a strange thing.


I don’t smell or have body odor but I’m in desperate need of a shower.
My motivation is pretty shot.

I smell, but I keep procrastinating it until I have to shower because I have to meet someone.
For me, it’s like, if I don’t shower today, I’ll have one day more without enough clothes in the bin that I’ll feel guilty about not washing.

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I’ve been having a really difficult time with this. Haven’t been showering as much as I should. Don’t brush my hair so it’s always in a matted ratsnest, and I’ve been completely neglecting brushing my teeth.

It makes me so mad. These things aren’t hard for other people. I have a huge fear of loosing teeth. I also have a SEVERE phobia of needles so if I ever got a cavity I would have a terrible time. I’ve had great teeth so far, (no cavities or anything) but my luck will run out if I can’t figure my ■■■■ out.

It’s just a endless cycle of not being able to care for myself and then terrible anxiety of me becoming a hideous bridge troll with brown teeth.

No, I don’t care about showers because they feel like a waste of time. :slight_smile:

I shower like 2-3 times a week but only cause otherwise I get paranoid that my skin will rot off and bugs will eat me. Other than that I just don’t have the motivation :frowning_face:

Either I shower many times a day or a few times a week but brushing my teeth is a challenge though they are not rotting I worry they might.

I had the worst negative symptoms in the past. Never washed or brushed hair, etc. Now I have a shower everyday. Don’t know, I just do it. Isn’t difficult or hard anymore.

I set a minimum requirement for myself has to be at least twice a week whether I want to or not.

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Me too. I haven’t showered in a week and a half now. Nor changed my clothes nor washed my hair. I don’t even care if everybody here notices that I’m wearing the same clothes everyday.

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