Do you see your local city wildlife such as birds as a reflection of how people are?

We have mostly seagulls, crows and pigeons. Seagulls just laugh at everything are a bit sheeply, but are the most common and the best flyers in town. Crows just protest the current state of affairs, but are kinda funny in the way they shout at things and also the second best flyers. Pigeons are not scared of people but also the worst at flying. I think they are kinda cute how they fly in a v-shape with their wings up. They’re the most funny. All of the birds seem to have their humour and even if there’s fights between them it doesn’t seem to be that serious. Maybe its part due to the fact that their doing their business at our expense.

I thought i was going to write something deep about the psyche of our wildlife but this is maybe a bit general :smiley:

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Yeah birdwatching is a hobby of mine.
Love one of Gods creatures.

We now get grackles (blackbirds) and pigeons at the bird feeder from time to time.

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I wake up around 6 am to hear birds voices.
I have two pigeons to feed,but my neighbours on the floor dont like it,because they poop a lot.
Even got in quarel with women about it.
Any way,they come often,and as a sun shines,I can see their beautiful colors…
@Wave knows much about me and my birds :slightly_smiling_face:

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I hear the birds singing everyday outside from my room. When I go for a walk in the field I see crows and other birds. I just know how a crow or raven kind of looks, but I couldn’t distinguish them. I have no idea what the other birds are called.

And one bird has a nest on our house right to my window. It’s a bigger bird with black and white color.

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