Went to the city park to feed birds

I woke up early and so I went to the city park to feed black birds, only jackdaws arrived to eat my bread I gave to them, it was fun to watch these birds. Early birds get a worm. :smile:


I saw this kind of bird before in Australia. I asked local people there for its name and the answer is “Gull”.

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Looks like a seagull :slight_smile:
Oh I see you say that on your post, sorry

Thank you for your correction, yep, Seagull is a better name.

I looked it up, apparently Gull is the corrrect way, we commonly call it seagull.

I once fed a cheese sandwich to seagulls :slight_smile:

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i’ve had an experience where a bird poop on my shoulder… so i avoid them… lol

The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

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