Do you remember what it was like to be a kid?

I remember my childhood like it was yesterday.
I still have issues remembering some of the details.
I miss my youth.

I Remember One Winter, Close to Christmas, (As a Very Young Kid).

I Was Out in The Front Yard With My Dad as He Was Raking The Leaves.

He Made a Large Pile, a Little While as He Finished, I Jumped into The Pile of Leaves.

And He Smiled as He Told Me to Go Inside And Get Something to Eat.

As an Adult, I Have Come to Love Nature.

And Leaves Are Still Fun & Fascinating to Me.


I remember bits and pieces when something triggers them. I’m not able to put an age or anything on them. I had a good childhood overall. My favorite year was when the Pistons won the chip and I was wupping ass on Halo 2.

When I was very young, I was terrified of life. When I was 7, the family was in a more stable place so I felt much better and could almost enjoy life.

Being a kid for me was very scary and lonely. I grew up neglected and abused. I was emancipated at 16. But I have a good relationship with my mom now, and a distant one with my dad.

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My first memory was a traumatic one - I fell underwater when I was a toddler of about 2 years or even less. I was terrified. I still remember the corner of the pool and seeing it underwater. To this day I can’t open my eyes underwater. I tried with goggles when I was about 13 or so and saw underwater but it scared me.

Other than that and another traumatic memory when I was 12 and sick with food poisoning, I had a very happy childhood with a loving family.

I remember a lot of school and my friends houses sleeping over and swimming and playing cricket with neighbourhood boys. And listening to music with my friends.

A happy time - before sza began. Although the prodromal phase began when I was about 13.

Hell, I remember stuff that happened over 50 years ago. I can’t remember hardly anything from a week ago though, lol.

Sure, I wasn’t your typical kid but as I always say, I had normal friends even as a little kid and we did normal things. I won’t bore you with everything I did but I remember being 5 or 6 and going to the barber and getting crew cuts which was a popular hairstyle for kids in the late sixties.

I remember climbing the big tree in front of our house. I remember making homemade bows and arrows with sticks and pieces of wood off the fence. I remember making 6 or 7 paper airplanes at a time and flying them in the front yard.

Fourth grade was a blast, some of my best memories. I was friends with almost every other guy in my class. We would go over each other’s house and read comic books or watch Popeye cartoons after school. We rode our bikes and played with cool toys or go to the drugstore and shoplift penny candy’s.

In fifth grade we moved to a different city. Our “entertainment” got a little more serious. Now I smoked cigarettes with my friends. We snuck hard liquor from my friends dad’s mini
bar. I would spend the night at my best friends house and we would sneak beer from the keg his father always kept full in the garage.

We would buy a big bag of M&M’s and during the evening we would do puzzles and have pillow fights and then fall asleep and get up at 2:00 am and go out at night and egg his neighbors house or steal stuff or just walk around.

I was over at my friends house every day after school and we would go hunting birds with his BB gun in back of his house. We killed a lot of birds.

We would sneak in his neighbors houses when they were away at work and rummage around. Just a lot of fun. This was 1971-1972.

When high school hit it was all about cars, smoking pot, and parties.

I always remembered my childhood well.

Since some of the bad stuff resurfaced, the good memories, which were plenty, kind of got pushed to the back. I cant remember well.

When i really try i have loads of detailed memories though, but i cant really bring back the good feelings.

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