Do you play a musical instrument?

i tried to play the guitar for years but i gave up so i was going to ask people if they play an instrument of any kind,

i think i would like to learn to play an instrument of some kind, hopefully an easy one (if there is such a thing)

I play the piano.


i play guitar, it helps me to relax

I used to play the piano

I used to play a mean Hot Cross Buns on the recorder in 6th grade. :smile:

I’m pretty good on the Peruvian piccolo and I can also play a mean Jews Harp. If I’m backed into a corner and I know you well I can play “Three Blind Mice” on a kazoo.

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Me too!..

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I kind of play guitar and bass. Love some drums!

Piano and organ.

I play around with a keyboard. Making fun beats / recording beats / adding piano to em


I can kinda sorta play keyboard but nothing fast or complicated especially if it required two hands. I think I’ve got too much cognitive confusion and motor skill deficit from schizophrenia to be able to progress further than I have gotten. I typically freeze up and/or get confused like in DDR when I try to play the harder modes and a bunch of ■■■■ comes at me all at once.

I primarily just plink around on my MIDI controller keyboard in the music program I’m using at the time and then write the melody down I came up with with the mouse such as like the old composers did with sheet music and a piano.

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I play some guitar - people tell me that I have a good singing voice, I used to sing in a rock band before I got sick.


Played piano as a kid, for years. I’d love to start violin lessons :slight_smile:

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Bass guitar is pretty easy to play around with. Only 4 strings.

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i have been thinking about that too :slight_smile:

Piano, glockenspiel, and harmonica. Would have liked to learn guitar, but my hands are getting a bit arthritic and I think that ship has sailed.


I tried learning the piano for 5 years(8-13) and got absolutely nowhere. I have since learnt, though not diagnosed, that I fit the criteria for dyspraxia quite well which probably explains why I had so much difficulty.

I play guitar. Just started in a band with some friends at college. We played a show at our school’s pub last November.

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I play piano and guitar

As a kid I played the harmonium.