Anybody play any instrument?

Hi folks. Does anyone play any instrument? I play bass guitar. Best regards.


I play the piano, and back in high school I played the oboe.

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It’s alot of fun.

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I play guitar, electric guitar, banjo and cello, although I don’t have a cello anymore…miss the orchestra.

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Play the guitar, got two classical guitars and one electric: Fender telecaster thinline.

Also play the auto harp, although mine needs to be tuned.

Take care!

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Play guitar, a bit of bass (find that harder than the guitar). Also have an electric piano but I am pretty bad at that.

Wish I could read music though. Have tried but get this mental block. Think I am too old to start it now.

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I play the drums------

I have an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, and electric 4 string bass. A little while ago I got a blues effect pedal for my electric guitar. It sounds really good!

@anon6284375 That’s funny you find the bass harder than guitar. I find the bass easier. I picked up the bass right away. It took me a while to get a feel for the guitar.

I was thinking of writing a song for my boyfriend. I actually started it already, but am not happy with it. I’ve written songs before, but they tend to be pretty dark. They were during a dark time. :sunny:

Yeah, not sure why I find the bass more difficult. I think it’s cos I have no rhythm. My dad is good at the bass. He plays the harmonica too.

You know the banjo comes from africa?

I always thought that was an interesting little tid bit.

thanks pandisease, the origin of the banjo came from the africans coming on slave ships, but the modern banjo, the five string banjo, is an american invention…the first banjos were four string , used as a “prop” and not intended to ever have any real musical use…

I know how to play drums.

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Guitar-used to play the flute in HS…a little piano.
I`m always ready to get a new guitar-or used–never have the money so i usually do a trade…


I played the clarinet in grade school. I think I could maybe still do a scale or two. I don’t have a clarinet to try though. You all have cool instruments.

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I used to play the flute in middle school and then picked it up again my senior year of high school. I kept it well into my 20’s when I finally decided to sell it at a garage sale. Went rather cheaply but it needed a lot of work done to it, it wasn’t shiny new any more and every pad on the keys needed to be replaced…among other things. I could probably still play it today if I had one. Also I can barely play the piano…I know the scales on it, but that’s about it. I would like to learn the guitar and have tried my mom’s but I can’t fit my fat fingers between the cords like they’re supposed to go…

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I play drums, I like all styles latin, jazz, metal, country, rock, funk, blues and more but mostly play rock, jazz, metal style

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I used to play the bass guitar as a youth - I still know how to play the drums :guitar:

Long ago - enough guitar to accompany my singing. I want to write some songs if I ever get a missing string rerplaced.
I also played the oboe in highhschool.


I play piano, trumpet, and drums. I cant really play trumpet or drums in my apartment since they’re so loud and the neighbors complain.

I have a neighbor who has a band and he’s asked me to play keyboards for them. But I’m not sure. I know the band is heavily into drugs. Not my scene.

So I think I’ll just stick to playing my keyboard and recording songs.

Really great thread!



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I have been learning the piano , it is one of my favorite things to do!