Do you imagine killing people?


When you are with people, do you imagine killing them, cutting their throats, shooting them or some of them etc…Doing these with cold blood? Seeing people as they are insects and want to make them taste some pain. Pain as a corrective for them. Do you imagine these?

I think I want to kill a coworker

When I was in a very dark place in my mind… I might have done. But I was more self destructive… I don’t think I’ve ever been an aggressive person… even at my worst.

My self hate radiated out to where I was hating almost everything.

But I’ve gotten rid of the hate and the anger and gotten out of my own darkness.

Now… I’m on the opposite end… I see myself helping others. I would like to think I help them… help others find a more positive and content way to get through their day.


Apoptosis. No, I don’t think it is you who want to “kill” people. Have you ever consider that it is an obsession or compulsion?


The idea of killing somebody always came to me when I was very angry at someone, so it was personal. And it didn’t happen in their presence. Just a fantasy at home. I have wanted to bite a few times.


No never , are you into gaming ? Playing violent games in particular? You need to take steps to reduce these feelings. Are you on meds?


I think of murder-suicide almost every day. The people I want to kill are generally family members and my neighbors. I don’t know why I have so much angst towards these people like I do. They’re all so stupid to me. When comes down to it, I wouldn’t kill anyone, maybe just myself. There’s some sanity left in me.


i used to alot but you and i know the difference between ’ right ’ and ’ wrong '.
talk to your shrink if you feel these urges or have to many of these thoughts.
it is best to discuss such things with a professional.
take care :alien:


No I fantasize about MAKING people. My neighbor is cute.


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I think it’s because I was delusional, but now I’m on double my meds so I doubt it will happen again but my mind used to always do the “worst case scenario” like when I"m at the bank I think man, all I would have to do is say “stick 'em up” and I would be landed in prison. etc. things like that that I would never do but still think of.


Yeah, I can see that jukebox. Sometimes I become aware that I am one bad accident away from prison, no matter who I am. All it takes is one bad move with my car with a pedestrian and I could go to prison for manslaughter. But that’s true for anybody. In fact my step-dad hit some guy who was walking at night about two months ago. The streetlights were out near his house and he didn’t see the guy and he hit him. The guy was badly injured and he was going to sue my step-dad for $900,000 for medical bills. But the police determined it was the CITIES fault for not maintaining those streetlamps and the guy who got hit has to sue the city for damages. It made no difference that the guy was drunk and out of a crosswalk. He goes to a bar, gets good and drunk and stumbles around while jaywalking and he will probably now make a profit of a hundred grand or so.


Actually i have fantasized about getting in a time machine and bashing my parents skulls in with a hammer before they made that awful awful mistake of reproducing.

I would just burst in the room and say “im your son and it’s time to die! you are not forcing me into this ■■■■ hole you ■■■■■■■! Die!”

However, if i were to even attempt this id get stuck in a loop probably. Because im already born and i can’t go back and stop it. I would get trapped in a loop and fail repeatedly when i went back because it already happened, like twelve monkies.

Oh yeah, and god, i want to kill god. I would have happily jabbed that spear into his chest and i think he should come down again so we can all take turns beating him, all seven billion of us.


I think ppl want to kill me. I’m not violent.


If you kill someone you are just doing them a favor. I think of ways to hurt people.