Do you have voices with religious themes?

Do you have voices with religious themes?

no, not really. mine r all scientific and rapists.

I wouldn’t know it if they were, went to church once with my cousin, but didn’t remember much about it. That’s the extent of my religious upbringing.

I did while in hospital. Voices forced me to read the book of revalations. I downloaded it to my ipod and listened over and over. I don’t remember much of it today, i was psychotic.

My voices are political.

When they first showed up they mentioned resurrection from the dead and the control of the weather.

My second psychosis they made me think the bridge i wanted to cross was unfinished, and when i got to the edge it was either up or down for all of eternity!

And oh yeah they threatened to torture me forever and ever the first psychosis, and also were in my head telling me that angels were being defeated.

All of my visual hallucinations, or most anyway, have also had something to do with shamanism everytime, i suppose shamanism is a religion. I think another thing they mentioned having to do with shamanism was souls/someone living in the things on my mom’s shelf, i saw a video of a shaman saying there was someone living in his drum.

I myself was never religious and never considered any of it until they showed up, the very few times i had been to church i almost fell asleep and just couldn’t wait to leave and get something to eat.

And oh yes, second psychosis i was outside a restaurant all the way across country and whomever was there with me and when i looked at the restaraunt they would bring special attention to the large word “SPIRITS” on the side of the building, it was like someone pointing and shouting about the word.

Same thing happened with dragons, just playing a video game and they would point and shout when the dragon showed up.

One voice tells me when I go to heaven I will be hung on a cross…

once my voice said to me ‘go to hell Saadiqah’
No way, don’t wanna go there!