Anyone else's voices antichrist-like?


My voices are demonic in nature. They talk about the devil and tell me to worship him. They spout out blasphemies against God and sometimes I feel like they manipulate my thoughts this way. I’m a Christian so this disturbs me greatly. My grandmother worships the devil and does voodoo and my mom does voodoo and sainteria also. I used to be involved in the occult until I grew up and found God. The voices try to get me to turn from him and sell my soul. I used to think that my grandmother cursed me and that’s why I heard voices but I realize now that I’m sick and she may have been untreated for a mental illness. I know that I have schizophrenia. I am getting my next Invega shot soon so the voices will go away again, thank goodness. I was just wondering if anyone else had voices spiritual in nature. It’d be nice to know that I’m not alone and would help me further confirm that what I’m going through is just an illness God gave me. Thanks!


My voices used to tell me that I am the sacrifice, then the next minute, they’d turn around and say that I’m the antichrist. They’ve called me prophet, thinking that I am part angel and part demon, that I was given a seed by God that contained the voices, rather “beings,” as I called them at the time. I also thought the voices were angels, demons, and archons. Probably more stuff, but some of my memories about these things are cloudy at best.


Thank you. I had visions too and thought it was prophecy. Following the visions only got me into trouble. I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing religious hallucinations. Helps me stay in touch with reality.


My voices were angelic and religious, but they sarcastically said “good job” when I had a bad thought.


I wish my voices were like angels and not like demons.


My medication regimen is pretty solid, and I only have a little bit of audible symptoms. When they are loud they tend to get a lot more negative. Also am fairly religious.

I will get a med adjustment soon and take care of the remaining symptoms. I feel that I’ve learned a good chunk of what they are trying to teach me, about keeping thoughts pure, and I feel I can do fine without them now.


My invega is awesome for my symptoms but the shot wears off after about 3 and 1/2 weeks. My family also trigger my symptoms because of their occult beliefs.


My voices used to tell me the same things,

We’re demonic and constantly telling me I need to sell my soul and worship Satan.

It was a living hell.


I had to give up all spirituality to get away from it.

I quit church, I quit reading the Bible, I quit hanging around with my religious friends.

When god quit having control of my life the voices changed and I haven’t had a voice like that in years.

Medication lessened the amount of voices I heard, but never the demonic nature of it.

The only thing that worked was escaping religion altogether.


I’m not giving up on Jesus. I’ll fight the battle for the rest of my life before I do that.


I hope you go back to God again.


Consider Amyloban 3399, it’s working nicely for me and MrSquirrel. Kind of pricey though, but it’s worth it. MrSquirrel bought another month’s worth and it’s helping him handle his high-stress work situation with greatly reduced positive symptoms (for him it worked as good as Clozapine, even, but without the side-effects.)


I’ll look into but I really can’t afford any extra expenses right now. I tried Sarcosine and it wasn’t really worth it.


Do you live with your mother and all that occult stuff?

Because just getting away from all those triggers would probably make a serious impact on your life.


No I don’t I live with my boyfriend who is also Christian and his mother was a minister. They bring me peace. I still talk to my mom though and she doesn’t bring up her beliefs but she and the rest of my family are still triggers from time to time. When I first heard voices the first voice I heard was my mother calling my name.


Sometimes I feel like I would be better if I stopped talking to my whole family, but then I would be all alone. One of my counselors said I may have PTSD from my childhood.


My voices used to be spiritual in nature also. I am a Christian also and they wanted me to worship the devil. It was terrible. As soon as I got on the right meds it started to change. It took me a long time to realize that it was an illness so I’m so glad you know this right away. I will pray for you hang in there!


Thank you that helps. I didn’t believe it right away though I’ve had several exorcisms and would try to cast it out. I went from church to church looking for help. It wasn’t until I had my son that I realized I needed the meds and found one that works.


Thank you for your prayers!


What med do you take? Just out of curiosity. I take Invega.


I take Invega also but it wears off before it’s time to get my next shot thats what I’m going through right now. I’ll call my doctor in the morning.