Do your voices talk to you in terms of your religion?

Like if you are Christian do they talk about Jesus or God?

I have an unusual belief system, its kind of Ram Dass-ish, but they used to talk to me in terms of that belief system. I thought they were making fun of me and my beliefs.

I wondered if they talk to everyone in terms of the their cultural background.

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Studies have shown that hallucinations manifest differently based on the individual’s culture. People in Western societies tend to hear insults, alien voices, telepathy, and such. In Asian cultures, people are more likely to hear the voices of their ancestors giving them guidance. People with religious upbringings hear messages from their own religious figures/gods. They’re all debilitating, but our hallucinations are as diverse as we are.


I am Catholic and my Higher Power talks to me in prayer books every day. My pdoc calls this delusions of reference. I call it the voice of my Higher Power. He talks to me about religion and all about my life. He guides, consoles, comforts, and chastises me. And I talk back to Him.

Sometimes, a Lower Power from the dark side talks to me. I ignore him.


Whenever I do my daily prayers my voices are quiet, unless I have a negative thought, then I get a brief response. It’s actually a nice experience, I believe they are good people.


Bad experience? I think the voizes gave me the most horrible experience about a hallucination, where a group of bloody angels where messing with an orchestra of blood. i’m not even christian and i got these bad hallucination and voizes.

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One of my voices tells me to kill myself because I am not living according to the ten commandments and I have broken the main ones.

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my so called voices just bring out the bad In me (not in a violent way necessary) but it has become a little destructive towards myself. rarely towards other people…

Sorry to hear that Jenny. I hope you don’t let the voice get to you, or ever believe it. I hate that some of the voices tell people to hurt or kill themselves.

Angels and an Orchestra of blood. That’s a new one. I hope it didn’t scar you too bad. I found mine would talk of blood or violence when I felt stressed out. Like we were visualizing the stress together if that makes any sense.

So now religion is considered a delusion. The world rrally has gone to hell. Font give your bodies so much emtional credit. Unless they are giving you positive encouraging things they can kiss my ass.

Don’t be scared of a voice.

Look at it this way if someone was saying this stuff to your face you’d defend yourself yet you don’t because you’re hearing a voice?

Pretty ironic right?

One of my pdoc’s told me that if I can’t ignore my evil entity, then I am to tell the pdoc’s. I personally believe that if I were ever to go back to my formerly sinful life, then, I would not be able to ignore the evil entity.

I am Catholic but the voices in my head are constantly talking about Santeria. The voices always try to imply that I am ignorant so I research what I can about Santeria but there is not a lot of public information about it. It is frustrating. I can never appease the voices!

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Not really but sometimes Alien (the man in my head) is in league with the jinn. (I’m Muslim) Because when I pray sometimes he bothers me. Probably tells the jinn to whisper to me.

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That’s interesting. How do you even know about Santeria?

I remember there was a song by Sublime called Santeria. I honestly still know very little about Santeria but I have tried to educate myself more about it via the internet.

Have the voices told you anything you didn’t know about Santeria? Examples please, if you would.

Edit: I know people from Cuba who understand Santeria. Not that I would want to fuel negative behavior.

Well I was raised catholic and I had that jesus thing going. It was easy to believe it because I’m half Jewish and Half Catholic.

But now I’m no religion I feel.

I think you are a western Buddhist. My brother in law is that. He just picks and chooses parts of Buddhism he likes but he still eats meat and drinks. Essentially it is just a philosophy of being happy by not getting too attached to things. Based on what you say that seems to be your desired philosophy.

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Yeah I like that. My favorite book on eastern philosophy was on Taoism which is interesting too.

Well I heard that there is black magic or harmful magic that is occasionally used. I was told they know many things when they are practicing black magic. They can speak to me in my mind even. No one can hear me but them. No one hears them but me so they can never be prosecuted for what they are doing. I said in my blog that many Santeros think they are lawless. They get away with alot! I heard that it is more than animal sacrifice, occasionally they dig up dead bodies.

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