Who r ur voices

mine r friends, family, the people at the local shop, famous people both here in the uk and in america both living and dead. they try to convince me of telepathy but i don’t believe that. what about u?

I wish I had famous people as voices. I’d prefer that to what I have.

I have a single voice, that of an American male (he sounds 21 to 32).

My voice tries to convince me that I have been singled out by God due to my date of birth (Friday April 13th 1979 - it’s a message from God saying I’m just unlucky to have been selected as a person to hear voices) and used as part of some work He is doing on earth. My voice tries to convince me that there is a person in America who can read my mind, and that I’m just collateral damage (a person needed to be chosen to hear voices so that the person in America can be occupied with something as he gives his time to God). It’s messed up that I actually often believe this as being true. I have my reasons for believing. No meds can get rid of my voices, so I do believe at times that I’ve been forced by God to hear voices.

I used to hear from a team of people in my mind, about 8 men and 2 women. They were allegedly CIA/Secret Service/FBI agents in Washington who were empowered with the ability to read my mind while they gave time to God in an apartment somewhere over there. Over time, it became 1 voice.

I don’t recognize my voices as someone I know. Exept for the kid. The kid has the same voice as my son. But the rest…I don’t know them IRL.

My kid voice has the same voice of my sister when she was little. It’s the worst one I have.

The rest of my true voices I have no idea who they are.

I do have this the odd thing happening these past two years or so, if I’m around a crowd of family, those voices stick in my head for a few months and then fade. The voices of my family though don’t say anything new. It’s like having a tape of the original conversation in my head for a few months after seeing them. It’s just when all the tapes play at once it gets a little rough.

They started out as my neighbors. I’ve since moved, but they stayed with me. As if it was some kind of a joke. “Here you are packing your boxes, moving away. And yet here I still am.” As a consequence, I’m a coward. A running man. But my bravery is psychosis.

I have five voices. Through the work of my therapist I have identified one as my mother, one as my father, one as the priest that I knew growing up, one as my guardian angel and one as a child that we have determined to be me from when the abuse was happening. Lately I have had a sixth voice which sounds a lot like my therapist but its only a month old so I don’t know. They talk all the time, have a running commentary if they are not fighting. It is hell to make a decision with their"help".

Mine were (meds have them resting in peace) a female FBI agent in her early 30’s, a male FBI agent in his late 20’s, and 17 year old me. The FBI agent voices hated me and made fun of everything I did and they wanted me to commit suicide. I didn’t like them. Old me, on the other hand, was the voice of reason and told me to workout, like when I started a run he would say “don’t stop”. Old me wanted to be a Navy SEAL and never really gave up that dream. I have dreams of being old me in college living an alternate life, now 20 years old.

Last night I had a lucid dream of being in a dream university with all of my old friends and studying really hard, studying psychology like now but still planning on becoming a Navy SEAL. It means I miss high school, aren’t challenged enough and still wish I could join the military…I go all Freud/Jung dream analysis on myself.

It was awesome, but I woke up early to see the psychiatrist, LOL!

i have one voice,that is somewhat manifesting like in a above the rest, way.
and the others that i can hear clearly without the mumbling are
well typical dutch, and they just insult.

i must note that it isnt typical for dutch 2 insult, it just that the voices have a typical dutch feel 2 it