Do you have to take an antipsychotic every day or no?

If I am prescribed an antipsychotic such as quetiapine/seroquel, I’m thinking of just using it as a sleeping pill and so I wouldn’t take it every day… sometimes I struggle to go to sleep but I think if I have an antipsychotic that makes me drowsy it will help a lot.

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That depends on what use your doctor intends with them.
If the doc says they’re everyday pills, you should take them every day. If the doc says they’re only ‘as needed’, you should take them as needed.

I sometimes use seroquel as a sleep aid, but I try to limit it so I won’t build up a tolerance.


I take APs everyday because they are prescribed to me that way. Like @Berru said, if your doctor means for you to take them everyday, that’s how you should take them. APs keep you sane in this crazy world. I take Saphris twice a day.

Yup. Every night for the past 10 years or so. Not quite sure if that’s accurate. Since the last time I was so ■■■■■■ up that i ended up on a involuntary stay at the hospital.


Tbh Jess the dose of quetiapine given just for sleep is around 25-50mg. This is not remotely an antipsychotic dose hence it wouldn’t do anything for sz.

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I take mine once a month as injection because I hated taking it everyday.

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Anti-psychotics aren’t goddamn candies Jess. they shrink your brain and f*ck up your cognitive abilities.
They are prescribed to treat positive symptoms of sz and serious mood disorders.
Off label use is dangerous, despite that some uninformed doctors still prescribe them for stuff like autism and sleep disorders.
In all the sources I’ve read, researches and doctors highly advised to avoid inconsistency in taking the pills, it may lead to really bad consequences, like a need to rise the dosage and relapses to worse states then before.
If you don’t suffer from sz, taking APs and withdrawing from them after that could induce sz symptoms. That ■■■■ ain’t fun, it’s called an Illness and not by a mistake.
I hope you won’t do anything dumb.

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It’s best to take your medication as your doctor prescribed. Same, medication, same dose, at the same time every day.

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I take them every day for schizophrenia but my wife used to take 300mg of Seroquel for sleep. She doesn’t have psychotic symptoms or a mood disorder.

It made her belly really big. She looked pregnant but didn’t gain weight anywhere else.

So yes some people take them for sleep.

i take 100 mg seroquel as needed so not every day. it takes me out of psychosis when i need that effect.

If sleep is all you’re interested in you might try amyltryptaline. (unsure of spelling) It’s a tricyclic antidepressant combined with a sedative. I’ve always had major sleep issues, and it kept me sleeping regularly for six months. I think it is known for establishing a regular sleep schedule for insomniacs. The tricyclic antidepressant will make your mouth dry, but that’s about the only down side to it.

Follow your doctors recommendation.
Usually Antipsychotics are taken everyday.
I try to take mine at the same time everyday.

I take amittiptyline as an AD and a sleep aid. It helps and I am on several other meds including APs. You have to take as directed or it wont help you like the doctor wants it to.

Consult with your pdoc about how often you should take your Seroquel and follow your pdocs orders.

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I gained weight on clozaril. I’m learning to love my new body.

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Well I sorta do that… I take it everyday like perscribed then adjust you caffeine intake for better or less sleep.

I now have sleep problems too, but I take the AP for sz - every day. Like tonight. I went to bed and was sleeping well, but the fire alarm went off and woke me up. I haven’t been able to get back to sleep. It’s like my brain is programed to be up at 3 am.

If the drug has to work, you have to take it daily at the prescribed dose. Antipsychotics are not sleeping pills though they produce sedation. Please remember this.

There is a chance that you’ll suffer from sz after quitting ap if you don’t have sz?
You said ap will induce sz symptoms in pacients without sz, do you know how long it will last?

Seroquel is awesome for sleep. I take it every night but I wish when i’d been prescribed it that I had only taken it when needed because now I can’t actually sleep without it and had like a month of insomnia with no sign of improvement before I gave up and had to go back on. So yeah, don’t take it every night just on rough nights is what I’d say.