Am I taking my meds wrong?

Someone on here I think a moderator once said we shouldnt take antipsychotics on an as needed basis. Pardon me??

I take 200 mg seroquel when the bad thoughts come on and wait for them to go away. And it works, and has done so for several months.

Basically what I’m thinkining is, if the ap has a quick onset of action (seroquel, saphris, geodon any injection) it should be good for short term use.

Is this correct? Btw I use 15 mg abilify daily as my main ap.

Well I don’t know a lot about those drugs but I’m pretty sure that’s not healthy for you :confused: cause I thought APs needed time to become effective. Also withdrawals are a thing. Have you asked your doctor??

I’m not sure, it depends. Did your doctor tell you to take it as needed? At one time I was prescribed 150mg of seroquel a day and an extra 50mg if I was having a really bad day.


Were you instructed by your doctor to take your AP on an as needed basis?
Not the way to go usually @Andrew.
AP’s work best for psychosis control when taken at the same time every day or nightly on a regular basis.

No wonder you are extremely angry.

Listen to your doctor.


I am taking my abilify at the same time every day, I just take the seroquel when I feel bad.

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Did he tell you to take the Seroquel this way?

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Well, I started taking it like that and he started prescribing it to me like that. So it ended up being like that after a while. He knows I take it on an as needed basis.

If you are having anger issues and violent thoughts, maybe you need to take the Seroquel everyday.
I would tell him how you are feeling and discuss your med situation with him.


For the past several days it has been everyday. I would typically not take it just once or twice a week. I am normally pretty drugged up actually.

Well I would discuss the situation with him and see what your options are.
APs should be taken everyday with no breaks in between.
Schizophrenia is a life long chronic illness.

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I think, based on your post here, that people are being a little hard on you. I took seroquel as needed for a long time and it really helped me when the visual hallucinations were out of hand.

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