Do you have this symptom?

A woman in the hospital told me she liked the closeness she had with voices and I’ve got to admit I have the same problem. Know what I mean?


I would be happy to see my voices go.

Some voices have been like friends but still I would prefer them to go and to have more quietness in my head.


I have voices but sometimes cant make out what they say then i have a man and woman who talk to each othet about me all day and there bullies…then theres the i tell you what your gonna do voice that voice has 5 voices i fight what they tell me but 3 days later im so scared it paralizes me…so no my voices i cant stand


My voices have been both good and bad.

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I mean, I’ve had the best sex ever with my main voice. It was like heavenly out of this world, literally breathtaking sex.

However, if I had the choice, I prefer for all that

S h I t

To stop and never come back because I cannot guarantee that it won’t turn corrupt on me


My voices are terrifying when my insight is blown. I hated them.


I get it. I don’t really know what I’d do without the noise. Probably get some rest. Mine can be friendly. Usually they are neutral-I can’t really understand them or they’re just being passive.


Same @ozymandias

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I would happy if they one day just went away.

I am so tired of them… overall I don’t know for 100% why am I tired, but I believe voices are one of the main reasons.

I hate when I hear nonsenses and not connected sentences to things which are happening at the moment. :confused: like for example, I am walking somewhere in the woods, thinking that life is not so bad and I hear “look you are so stupid”

I fu**** hate it…


My voices are completely nonsensical, garbled mumbling. I don’t mind them. And I only hear them in the context of background noise. Like an a/c or furnace running.

Mine were command hallucinations related to HI. So im glad to be without. Now i get random nonsense hallucinations. Like my dad talking when im alone or seeing my dog in another room while shes in the other one.

What does HI mean?

Homicidal ideation. I try not to talk on it too much cause it seems no one else manages it.

@Zoe That’s really cool.
I had a similar sex experience with a woman in the upper world and it was much more pleasurable and enjoyable than worldly sex.
In fact, in the upper world sex is experienced as hearts melting together and it can be done in this world too, but we are not sensitive enough to do that.
Happy for you. I think you are a spiritual person. Aren’t you?

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Haha. Yes. I would. DEFINITELY, NOT, be upset if they were to disappear.


I’m not on AP anymore.
But at 4:00 am in the morning, the only voice I can hear is the sound of my leg joint while I’m walking. very soothing experience.
In the midday when people wake up I hear some judgmental thoughts. but that occurs once in a while.
The only problem that I have now is finger piano caused by long-term AP treatment.
“Voices never tell you the truth. Truth comes from within” Sir moshtaba kavian :upside_down_face:

What interests you about voices @Revel

That sometimes my actions or hesitations changes the urgency in the tone of the voices. Sometimes i feel like my voices are guides.
I dont really have negative ones.

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I think voices are our human connection with each other but as schizophrenics, we don’t know how to manage it. sometimes it’s pretty easy to have a good conversation with voices and it really makes me doubt the nature of this phenomenon.

It’s best to ignore them. My experience has been that the more SZs play with their voices, the sicker they get, and the more that their chance of meaningful recovery dwindles.


That’s true. you have to have the upper hand