Having kids is a crime, no better than murder

You know what i mean?

People might of had some reason to have kids at some point and time, but they gadam had so gadam many that there is just no reason, not to mention they are just gonna get held down and repeatedly raped by life.

So, you just have what you have to have, but they don’t do that, they turned it into a crime, something that is no better than murder actually.

I can’t fathom how they actually want to, why?! I guess they are fine with them getting cancer and the like, callous, very callous.

Wierd, wierd wierd people.

You know the natives got up to something like sixty million, why?!

Some of them have them and go “oops! didn’t mean for that to happen.” and then proceed to neglect their kids, not to mention resent them, what a hell hole.

Us, we aren’t the only crazy ones here, people joined the ranks of the insane a long long time ago.

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I think its depression that makes you feel like that, I don’t even like thinking about the fact that there are lots of people out there who aren’t depressed bastards!
I have to agree im not having children but ill be there for my nieces and nephews if they ever need me.
people have an idyllic view of what having children will be like and its nothing like the reality cant leave the house with out I don’t want to put my coat on! put your coat on , I cant get the zip up parents spend prolly 6 months of their lives zipping and unzipping coats.

this is what I meant to write depressed…(bastards)

Kids are different. Kids are the future: The only solution to impossibility. Whats impossible now may not be impossible 50 years down the road. Thats why people have kids…

So, they gamble then, roll the dice even though they know they will lose and their kids will most certainly lose.

Only have them when absolutely nessecary, not by the billions.

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I will never have kids, I agree that it’s not better than murdering somebody. The kid or the future adult will die also and he will also be missed, plus all the suffering he will endure in his lifetime. A human being is a need machine, there is no need in the universe for the need to exist. Having a kid is like spilling milk, the kid will clean up half of it when he/she is lucky and that is called some sort of an accomplishment. There are no winners in the game of life, only losers, some manage not to lose very badly and some, like myself, wish that they were never born and suffer daily. There are no intrinsically positive states for a human being, only negative ones, the need always comes first. When you’re not hungry the food won’t taste good, when you’re enough not thirsty the water won’t be enjoyable etc. So you’ve been put into a negative state and its trough elimination of that negative that you experience “positive”, your greatest orgasm is just the momentary relief of most of the tensions built into you. Your need/desire is what propels you to go forward, the truth is you would be better never to have been. The game of life is broken and should not be perpetuated. And that’s not even talking about what the wild animals on this planet go trough daily. Unfortunately it’s likely that the human race will never grow up, see the truth and put an end to this madness.

Not gamble… Hope…

Um, yeah…this site is full of them.


I am the last in my line, and i carry my family tree. If I dont have a son, my family is gone. I sometimes think I will make it a priority, but I would have to marry a very mentally fit person to balance out my crazy genes. I have had a history of mental disorders, paranoid schizophrenia is just the latest and greatest one.

It just hurts to think that my whole lineage is dead if I dont have a son. I’m also the 4th of my name, so theres a tradition to name the heir to the name “Maurice.” My great grandfather, my grandfather, dad and I have all been the only male in the family and we all have had the exact same name, even the same middle name. The pressure is on me to continue the family. And schizophrenia might just not stop me- If I keep up my performance in school, I will become a psychologist, and that would prepare me for the worst- a son who is schizophrenic. I figure a recovered schizophrenic psychologist would be the ideal father for a schizophrenic.

It sucks. Odds arent that high for one child of mine to be schizophrenic, but having multiple kids increases the likelyhood by 10% each time. So if I have a daughter and then want another kid hoping for a son (like my dad and grandfather did) it would give the second kid a 20% chance of being schizophrenic. If i were to have five kids, one would definitely be schizophrenic…And that’s with a mentally healthy woman.

But I don’t know, I just have to live with this in mind. I wish I wasn’t the last one with my family name, but thats reality. I am not really for having kids, I think the world is overpopulated and its too hard to live in the modern world because of ridiculous education requirements to make a high salary or even get a job. I wouldnt want all of my kids to have to become MD’s or Phd’s in order to get a secure and high paying job. My family stresses financial success, and my immediate family is the poor family in a big family of rich people. I had to go to the school I got the most scholarship money at, not the best school I was accepted to. I’m the poor, mentally ill and socially outcast member of a wealthy catholic family- I was the only one to not graduate the catholic high school, Christian Brothers, and be a “brothers boy”…i was picked on and told that I wasnt allowed to fight, which was how I had solved that problem in grade school…I was the “class badass” in junior high. Instead I went to an international school and now most of my friends are from other countries and bilingual.

My family respects me for being self-supporting, earning a full scholarship to school and highly functioning while being mentally ill and at times completely psychotic, but I sometimes feel like I wish I had never been born.

I can see why some schizophrenics feel like procreation is horrible- I wouldnt wish schizophrenia on anyone, and to pass on schizophrenic genes is not exactly good for humanity. It keeps the worst mental illness in the gene pool, increasing the incidence with each child born of a schizophrenic. That’s the truth. We’re genetic backwash, the most horrific maladaptation of human evolution. There is nothing good about being schizophrenic, it is like living in hell. Without modern medicine and modern scientific insight into my condition, I would surely have been fully psychotic and never worth a ■■■■. But due to these things, I am far from being the stereotypical schizophrenic- I am what people think of as “a person who has schizophrenia”, not a “schizophrenic”…it doesnt define me.

yup, wasn’t a well thought out plan at all.
i blame gametalism, as in gamete,
the humans split their genome into male and female
so they can shake up the genes and create zygospores.

and i think now they do it just for comfort and pleasure,
they don’t even care about their zygospores anymore,
leave em home watching the tv,
go out and find someone to shake up some new genes with.

so i propose we end the circus of gametalism,
there are other ways to reproduce,
parthenogenesis, it isn’t just for lizards anymore,
“like a little lizard in the sun,
take as much as you need, there’s enough for everyone !”

the birds and the bees do parthenogenesis,
and those are the mascots of human gametalism,
but see they know better, keep other reproductive options open.

gametalism, i used to call it absurd edism,
as in it’s absurd that adam would accept the apple from eve in eden,
just cause a demon gave it to her.
i say this is garden of eden take two,
and no i won’t be biting that apple, miss eve,
maybe you are just as bad as lillith and should get out of the garden now,
i can take another rib and parthenogenerate a new mate.

ah but out here,
they gallop in the gametist mist,
they drift in the consupiscential gust,
spun by the spinner of concupiscencies,
gametalists practicing their gametalism
like the whole world is one big

yeah i went to the dictionary to get new names for absurd edism,
and now that’s my rhetoric.


  • the words “gametalist” and “gametalism” and “gametist” do not exist but are based on “gametal”, describing things that have gametes; all other words here were found in the oxford english dictionary

i have a 6 year old son, he is my blood. and if i marry i would love to have more children.


At first I thought, I feel sorry for your daughter if you had one…then after reading all you expect from your son if you had one, would be just as bad if not worse than being the daughter you never wanted. Why would anyone woman (wife) want that kind of pressure?
Sounds crazy making to me, and all for the sake of a name?

it is crazy…I sometimes think I shouldnt have kids but I also feel equally obligated to do so. It’s quite a problem. I sometimes think I will just end up with a bunch of unwanted daughters, to be honest. I know that’s harsh and bitter but it’s true.

question is, why is it important for your particular family line to propogate,
you know as if they had some magical gene that none of the other human lines could pass on for you?
cause here’s the thing, just translate that magical gene of yours,
that unknowable quintessence that you feel is about to go extinct,
can you translate that to something in words, for the world?
can you translate it to a deed? a mystical incantation or recipe?
If not, we might assume the only thing you are trying to propogate
is a subjectivity, a grasping attachment to receiving blessings.
think about it, receiving blessings, that will stil continue
even if your family line does not, other humans and many other beings will continue to receive blessings,
but is that somehow not as good as the beings being your progeny?
just not sure i understand the human will to propogate at all,
they never really explain what they are trying to propogate,
only ones who told me what it was was the english kings,
they wanted to propogate their bloodline,
keep it pure and royal, well, a few hundreds and then thousands of years,
genetic inbreading, frightfully grasping at god and guns before being overrun by the masses,
guess that little plan didn’t work out for them.

i think if we thought it through,
if pleasure and release from sex weren’t an issue,
then we wouldn’t have designed a situation with this many of us,
way more than is needed for any kind of beauty,
it’s kind of ugly this species these days,
i was thinking if we had thought it out,
how many of us would there be?
a dozen?
very different types of people.
sitting around in a community of sages,
figuring out the universe
and being nice to eachother.

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if you had cancer in your genes would u want children?

That isn’t why he ate the apple onder.

He ate it because he’s a sex addict, he looked at the apple, and then looked at eve’s rockin tits, and then back at the garden, and said fuq it i gotta have those tits!

It’s the same metaphorical thing that has happened repeatedly to everyone really, even the ones before the garden.

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Good point…but people often do that all the time. Prostate cancer runs in my family. I just think that schizophrenia is becoming more and more treatable. If another generation of antipsychotics comes out, (likely in our lifetimes), schizophrenia will be more treatable, close to curable. I have the low negative symptom and non-deficit subtype, and this is the kind that medication does the most for. I’m a 20 year old virgin whos only kissed a girl twice so don’t worry, at this rate my laptop wont make schizophrenic kids when I accidently jizz on it.

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exactly, that’s what heppened in eden!
how absurd !
how absurd when you later come to realize
that in ourselves is so much more,
that this gametalism is completely beside the point

Well, the only truth is that if you had kids you’d be setting them up to fail. Best case scenario, you produce a son to to do as your father did to you. Worst case, you produce a daughter that knows you never wanted her and a wife that’s only worth lies in producing the heir?
That’s a lot to expect.

so the point seems to be to create people that don’t suffer?
people that don’t get disease?

i used to always get offended when a girl would smile at me in that gametalist way -
it’s like you completely gave up on figuring out how to deal with this spiritual reality,
and decided i give up, just breed and make a new zygospore, and maybe he can figure this out.

i never gave up, and even if i did,
one delusion i don’t choose to hold
is that there is any kind of unique value to my particular genome,
either to produce suffering or to produce joy
in some future generation,
i think i’ve learned that there is alot more to it,

and i wouldn’t wish for joy or suffering for my progeny,
either from my genome or flowing in the human genome all around me,
just hoping for their salvation, and that they work together for the salvation of the universe.

i have obligations,
to the people of the future,
and to the people of the Past;

for the people of the future, i carry out actions as gifts.
for the people of the Past, our ancestors,
i carry out stillness and non-action as gifts,

my presents flowing out in two directions,
toward perfection