Do you have a volunteer job?

I tried working at the hospital three times but couldn’t stand working with no pay. The place for reading to the blind didn’t want me. The nursing home was fun but after 6 months I lost patience with the elderly. I sweat profoundly when I do anything physical, a disorder I have, so what can I do? One thing I can do when I get better at it is preform my guitar at a nursing home. Do you volunteer and are you happy with it? I woke up today after sleeping 15 hours and done nothing for five hours but listen to rock and roll and drink a bottomless cup of coffee. If I get on the right meds and can manage my sleep schedule then maybe I should do more. Am I too sick?


I used to volunteer for a summer at a hospital before sz. I helped the elderly and the disabled. They paid my lunch, parking and gave me a certificate.

I used to do loads of volunteer work
I worked admin at
Citizens advice
Alzheimer’s society
I did work at charity shops
I enjoyed it but became ill
I should get back to it but I’m not sure my heart would be in it
It kept me busy

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I used to, but am pretty isolated now because of covid.

I really miss volunteering.


Yes I just started one, they are super caring. It’s absolutely paramount for me.
I’m really happy.

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@rogueone had one, last time I checked


I got shafted by the executive at my cricket club so I no longer do my volunteering. It was good while it lasted though and got me out of the house and gave me some well needed structure. I’d recommend it if your on benefits to do something especially if your young.


I’ve volunteered in the past at a Catholic Charities thrift shop.

It was pretty cool. I mostly just hung up clothes and did a little register work.

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I quit volunteering at salvos because a girl spoke down at me and bossed me about in nasty way and she is not my superior and it’s not ok treating me that way.

The other place I quit because it was too far to travel to and i couldn’t sew independently so I needed someone by my side helping me constantly when that person could have been much more productive not helping me.

I don’t volunteer now because I don’t want to be treated badly and people supressing me and talking down at me etc
I don’t believe my boss is my superior.
They do
Ply know what needs to be done so ask me do you want to do this and I say yes or no.

I do get bored and depressed not having anything much to do but it’s better than people treating you bad.that’s not’s not ok.
I mean your not even getting paid.

Main reason I don’t work volunteering etc is I don’t like people supressing me n thinking they are my superior and treating me badly.

If I was treated beautifully by everyone and respectfully etc I could volunteer or maybe even work.

I’m so sorry to hear that @rogueone . I know how you loved that job.

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I do have a volunteer job. I volunteer for an organization that is connected to my Church. My particular job within the organization is being the President of our parish’s presidium, and also personal, phone, internet, and door to door evangelization.

I love my job. But I don’t do it to please me. I have higher motives.

I volunteer with seniors. I provide technology mentorship sessions remotely, so for example if someone needs assistance with a particular device or computer application. I do about 2-4 sessions per month which works well for me. I’ve only been there since March but I’ve already been chosen as Volunteer of the Week.

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I volunteer at a centre but only on days I can do it. Most days I find it hard to communicate with other people and I know when people are taking advantage.
I’d love to do it all the time but it’s not realistic

I’m not ready to perform my guitar yet at a nursing home but I’m satisfied with my progress. You practice so you won’t make mistakes, then you practice so you can’t make mistakes.

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i volunteered in my early 30s. i worked at a therapeutic riding center. i did turn in and turn out and mucked the stalls. then i worked at a summer camp for people with disabilities. i was a groundskeeper.

in my mid 20s my ex wanted to volunteer at a hospital but we never did.

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Are you from ireland?

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My grandparents are Irish , I’m Mancunian :ok_hand:

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