Volunteering is great

For the last month I have been working in a mix of a second hand shop, cafe and a social club for mentally ill patients.

I was very skeptical in the beginning, but it feels good to get out of the house and meet other people.

The people there are a good mix of normies and odd ones out

I can recommend volunteering.


Good for you. I loved my volunteering and did it for over 18 years down the cricket club. Unfortunately the politics got me in the end which can be a problem but otherwise it was rewarding and good for me.

Well done to you and keep on keeping on.


I’m so glad you like it. I used to do volunteer work for people with cancer. It was very sad sometimes but overall it was a positive and rewarding thing to do


Sounds like a very challenging job, and very priceworthy, im glad someone have the strength to do that.


I needed a break for a while. But I plan to go back when I’m feeling better about leaving the house on my own


I once had agoraphobia and it’s very annoying, like you are you own jailer, hope for you that you will be able to do what you want.


Thanks @bluebutterfly

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Did it and will do it again with terminaly ill patients…

Some of them have no one…

Good work @CoCo


That’s kind of you to do @anon25523312

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Covid made it imposible

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My most rewarding volunteer position, was at the stroke recovery center. It was an amazing experience, to see the light go on in someone’s eyes when they realized they weren’t completely ■■■■■■. Once I explained to them that I was once paralyzed from the neck down, it allowed them to see that with work, anything is possible

I’ve also done meals on wheels, and friendly visiting for seniors. I became very close with one of my clients, and then he passed away suddenly. It’s been a few years, maybe it’s time to try it again

Your volunteer position sounds awesome, it would be an interesting crowd to interact with


That sounds amazing, well done @Cragger . In northern Europe we haven’t got such jobs (it’s only professionals who take care of such things), and i can’t say if it’s a loss or win (let’s avoid political discussions).

My job at the café/shop/social club doesn’t make such a difference and i have to be honest - one of my goals beside having something to do is also to meet a woman and… :wink:

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Your volunteer position sounds awesome to me, getting out of the house and interacting with people would be a godsend.

And hey, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to meet someone. Hopefully you will strike up a conversation with a beautiful woman, and the rest will be history :blush:

Wow. The world needs more people like you @Cragger

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I forgot to mention, my position at the stroke Recovery Center was just a guy who brings everybody drinks, lol. But I always made a point of stopping to chat with every single one of the patients, and my story sometimes inspired them to work harder. Some give up, until they see what is possible


I tried volunteering at a animal shelter, it was good at first, but then I realized they are holding and asking from me to work as a full employee instead of being “volunteeė”

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That sounds perfect to me, I envy you. I was going to apply at the Humane society, but the number of Hoops you have to jump through just to volunteer is daunting.

Well it only sounds good, but its quite hectic. When I volunteered it wss for 4 hours daily fron 8am-12pm. I didnt have much time actually spend with dogs besides walking each for 5 minutes and collecting feces. I was shouted at for stopping to pet a dog. Maybe because there was/is volunteer shortage in the mornings, cause often I was the only one volunteer showing up besides 1 employee. In the end I felt like I ak working part time and not getting paid.

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For sure, 4 hours every day would be more than I could handle. I was just thinking one or two days a week, I can see where your situation would have been stressful

I think once a week on a regular basis when you are really needed is a very well thought idea. Maybe I quit because I got too sedated from haloperidol, overburned on daily volunteering or maybe it was just a hypomanic episode from my new antidepressant. Animal shelter are a good start to volunteer

This is me with my last previous favorite doggo, she was so cuddly! Wanted only cuddles, no walks lol