Do you have a bucket list?

I do

You should make one.

Some of the ones I have:

Fluent in Spanish

No psychotic symptoms

My big dream
I want a rescue for dogs and horses and I’d like schizophrenics to volunteer with animals.
Probably won’t happen unfortunately.

You guys should make one if you don’t already have one.


I’d also like to have good relationships.

I don’t. I don’t need the pressure and try to live from moment to moment. It works for me. I’ve done some crazy things in my life and that is good. Sure I’d like to do other things but I get there when I can if life allows.

What works for you though. Having some goals is a good thing and ticking them off could work well for you!


It does for me. Otherwise days blend together into weeks and years. Everyone is different. I’m try very much to be goal oriented. It helps me a lot when I feel sad which is usually daily. I still struggle though and I don’t feel pressure because these are my goals but its more of a healthy coping skill for me. To keep busy.


I will add there are many days where the goals don’t progress. Or I can’t focus on them.

One thing on my bucket list was to see an MMA fight

I made it through half of it, then asked my daughter to escort me out.

We’ve done many things, though, and I’m happy about it.

Also, my volunteer work, exceptional.


I just want to live out my life, without to much pain


Nothing wrong with that. :grin:

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Maybe their is something superficial about goals.i have addictions too. So goals help me like that too. Just for coping

After all it’s not what you do but who you are.

a lotto jackpot win within 5 years

I love the animal rescue idea! That’s wonderful. I hope you will do that!
I do not have a bucket list. I don’t want to get my hopes up for things that probably won’t happen.
Having said that, my life is pretty good.


I only own three buckets, not enough to bother keeping an inventory of them.


Stay alive. Spend more time with family. Cut people out of my life who are caustic. Try to create art both poetry/short stories and painting hopefully by taking courses. Get brave enough to attend an NHL game.


There’s not really a lot of things I want to do. I’ve had some good times in my past but now i’m content to just take it a day at a time. That’s what works for me.

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Put schizophrenia in remission and make a blog about what works, cure my chronic headache, blog about it, cure my arthritis (probably means healing my leaky gut) and blog about that, get to a healthy weight (160-180 lbs, currently 223 lbs), become focused and disciplined enough to run a successful home business, go out more, get a girlfriend / get married, make a million dollars, dump it into bitcoin as a retirement nest egg, keep growing my business(es), possibly branching into input device development once I am financially secure.

That’s a lot for a normie even, but I have high expectations for myself. My hallucinations are controlled enough that I can work on a computer for hours now, so the rest is up to focus and discipline.

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Graduate with a bachelors degree, pay back all of the debt in my name and my dads name, don’t get fired, pass the cpa exam.

I would also like to get a masters degree while working and potentially help my parents pay for the house they are in the process of buying right now. I’d also like to give a lot of money to charity. Maybe someday I’ll get married and get over my fear of driving.

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I think you should do it. At least try it.

Si tuviera los medios, te ensenaria espanol.

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Yes you’re right. The oldest teaching teach us that the more a man desire the more miserable he is.

We should desire nothing from life, that doesn’t mean we should buy stuff. We can buy things /do activities we like. But as a form of utility and happiness.

For example : I can buy a phone and cloths for myself in the mindset that I need them for whatever reason. But not desire them. You understand? Not desire just use full things.

It doesn’t mean I’m on a good path, because I can live without and retreat to a monostary to really end desire.

But it’s a step forward into ending desire.

“he who asked the Gods for anything then wisdom and enlightenment is doomod to be unhappy”

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I’d like to earn thru my art
Get my driving license
Seek God more and more each day
Live a simple life
Be grateful and positive
Be a good wife to my husband