Before I die

What is your bucket list?

Right now in my life…
i am 28 but feels like 40.
I own an apartment, modern furniture. Medoicre sex life, good food. Comfy job. A nice car. Healthy weight.

I guess i can make a list of things to do before i die.

  • live in europe
    Lick my crush’s face

I’d like to own a boat and travel for a couple years.


After schizophrenia i dont have dreams anymore. I would like a boat too.

Ly naked on the beach in the tropics
Find love
That’s about it and I would be happy

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I’d like to learn how to relax. But then, I’m probably afraid that if I did relax, I’d die.


learn how to play chess

learn computer graphic arts

learn the stock market

run a marathon

visit Peru where Cesar Vallejo lived

see Hamilton on stage

hold my grandchild

get married


Those are very nice dreams and goals. I wish you achieve them

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My bucket list is to visit Germany, visit Japan, visit all 50 states in America, write a book, have my baby and raise it to be a good person, marry my fiancé, buy a nice house, buy a camaro, and get a dog


Lose all the weight I gained from antipsychotics. Move into my own apartment. Have a best friend…


I really have no desire for a bucket list. Just feel content in my boring life. Don’t feel the need to impress anyone. Don’t really need to prove anything to myself. Not sure if any of it has to do with my sz… looking forward more to the afterlife , but don’t have a death wish. The excitement of new adventures has lost its appeal it’s all lost in the next moment and seems not worth the hassle. I do have some Hobie’s and enjoy working and family. I’ve seem to lost interest in a bucket list and I’m not sure why,but I don’t feel bad that I don’t have one. Think I’m more concerned about the kind of person I will become. Not to concerned about what I will accomplish. I think goals are good and love to hear about how others are moved by there experiences. Just kinda feel like a spectator sometimes.

I suggest you cross off learn the stock market because it is rigged. I worked as an auditor checking financials of a corporation that sold its stock on the exchange. Believe me it is not worth your time, it is corrupt and it is a bunch of lies that I saw there.

  • Visit Japan / Tokyo.
  • Visit the West Coast.
  • Get in Shape.
  • Go to an NBA Finals one time and/or Allstar game.
  • Concerts: Jayz, Daft Punk, Radiohead, Flaming lips
  • Marry somebody whom I appreciate and love.
  • Get mentally healthy / get cured for this terrible disease.
  • Own some property.
  • Own a profiting business.
  • Have atleast 20-40k in savings in the bank :P.
  • Be Debt Free
  • Make atleast 50k a year.
  • Continue to have a real set of friends whom I can chill and vibe with.

Whatever will be will be. You guys can dream all you want but I don’t wanna set up expectations I cannot fulfill. Whatever will be will be.


Go skydiving
See a tornado in person, but from a safe location
Get a tattoo
Raise a kid
Be a foster mom
Play in the Pacific Ocean
Experience zero gravity


Done it!). Also have swam in the pacific

bucket list grows long.

Me and a buddy of mine are trying to get a company off the ground next year. It’s basically an umbrella company for us to do whatever we want. The first service is computer repair… the second is game development.

beyond that… move the hell out of this town…

many more follow…


Before I die. I would like to be cured of schizophrenia

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Don’t forget his toes.

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Finish an album
Write a comic
Go to a good MF Doom concert
Visit Japan
Chill in a hot spring (natures hot tub)
Smoke weed with Obama
Learn 2 different languages
Create the most epic recipe for collard greens and chicken and waffles
Start fight club
Fist bump MJ and Alan Alda
Make something explode
Punch that pharmaceutical jerk wad in the face and take his copy of the ultra rare wu tang record
Listen to the ultra rare wu tang record
Steal something of decent value
Try ayahuasca with some natives
Get interviewed on a popular show
Use a jetpack
Fist bump Sean Connery
Drive a mech robot
Find a copy of Kid Chameleon
Chill with some cool rappers
Chill with some cool jazz musicians
Get a perfect on the star wars trilogy arcade
Buy a star wars trilogy arcade
Host a music festival
Be a part of a massive airsoft war (500+ people)
Watch the next great leap in space exploration
Learn aliens exist and aliens are friendly
Have a small voice role in an anime
Make a positive impact on children with disabilities
Make a positive impact on animal treatment
Help someone in need when the time is right
Walk in a protest or demonstration or march
Hang with some really cool hippies for a day
Get my Mom and Dad a plane ticket to Europe
Be on a team for a video game
Learn how to love myself
Own bunnies
Don’t commit suicide
And own a sloth

About 1% of these i will achieve but y not dream. And thats all i could think of right now