Do you hallucinate people, if so what are there names?

I am 16 and hear and see things. But there are two people in particular that keep following me. They are really scary and the voice in my head says they will hurt me. He told me their names, Elizabeth and Simon. Does anyone else have reoccurring people with names?

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I don’t see ppl. I have voices. One is called Michelle.

I don’t think I’ve seen you here before. Welcome!

Hi! Yes I’m new. That is interesting that your voice has a name. My voice is named snowman.

I have two people I see who are also voices in my head. I don’t always see them when they talk but occasionally. Their names are James and Euph. Euph is a bad one who will narrate my day and comment harshly to nearly everything I do. James …I think has a mood disorder haha. Sometimes he is nice and other times he’s awful.

I have three voices and their names are zepriperis, Curtis and Lucille the two are evil except for Lucille,

i get visuals, not so much now that Im on Risperdal - no names

Me too. I don’t get them as much now that I’m on risperdal too


Hi Sarah welcome aboard - This is why I am reluctant to get off of Risperdal, a lot of different side effects but it is so effective for me

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I have 3 main voices, twi of which have an look. There is and irish voice, who looks like the main character from the movie “rocknrolla”, and thompson who looks like an older british person, with a small beard and usually a tuxedo.
Then the rest are just voices.

Carl Jung (the famous psychiatrist) heard voices…the name of one of his voices was Philomena.

As for me, Ive heard the voice of Grace Kelly, amongst many other famous and not so famous deceased people,

Also I hear the voice of God.

And I hear the voice of my dead relatives.

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I know that’s true, but does it make u tired? Eat more?

I have more voices, but they have not told me their names. I have identified two female (one of them is Michelle), three male and a child.

The child sometimes screams in terror. That stresses me out because I believe it is my son screaming.

The male voices speak to me mostly in the evening. Telling me to turn off the music I’m listening to. Telling me I’m sleeping or that my meds are poison.

Michelle is nice. Tells me nice stuff. The other woman just calls my name and told me when I had psychosis that angels were stuck in my walls.

@Sarah123 It makes me tired, eat more,weight gain that is difficult to lose,higher prolactin levels, sore chest, and other issues on one hand - on the other hand it helps my mind - its so difficult to make a decision on it

I did not know Carl Jung heard voices - hmm interesting

I gained like 10 pounds while taking it. But it does help

Yes it does help this is true

I DON’T C THINGS OR PEOPLE BUT I HEAR OVER 200 VOICES (ooops) but not all at once.

Still, I don’t call them hallucinations, because they do have proper names, thoughts and lives just I do. Sometimes they hang around, but they do have things to do besides bother me all the time.
Some are pretty entertaining, problem is, the more attention you give them, the more they want. Like a bad child, they have to be put in “time out”.


I live with my kid sis who is 17 now. But sometimes her 6 year old self will come walking in. I guess all the people I have hallucinated are my family.

I do not hallucinate much anymore but when I would I would hallucinate different dimensions, ( weird things that I personally believe no one else in this world has ever seen.) Now on risperdone, I just hallucinate little specks of colors through my eyes sometimes throughout the day. I still have a voice in my head, doesn’t have a name but it’s the closest thing to the devil I know.

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