Auditory Hallucinations and Personalities

My voices have started to take on personalities.

The voices sound like this person or that person, from my past.

Does that mean that that’s why they have personalities?

I barely knew them and I’m wondering how I even know what their personality is…

I’m concerned because it used to be one voice in my head and then I started to hear them with my ears.

Do I need to report it to my pdoc?


I think you should report any changes in hallucinations to your pdoc, no matter what it is

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Before, were the voices just merely gibberish? My voices have always had their own distinct personality, just trying to understand what the change is

You really should talk to your doctor about it, hopefully they can intervene

They were not gibberish but I’m not sure they had a personality.

Now there are multiple voices, multiple personalities.

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Sounds Troublesome. How are you handling it so far?

I don’t understand why they have personalities, if my brain is talking to me, and they started with no personality.

Why the evolution?

What do I do?

Would a change of medication, or an increase help?

Would it stop them from having personalities?

If not. Why report it?

I’ve been on APs for ten years.
How could they develop personalities, while I’m on an AP?

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Sorry dude, I passed out on you last night. That’s a tough one, I have no idea why it would change like that. Like I say, mine have always had distinct personalities.

I wish I had greater insight for you. All I can say, is that it is manageable. Hopefully a med change or medication increase will do the trick. Just hang tight, until you get all this sorted out

I’ll be hoping for you

Thank you. I appreciate it.

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I don’t know if it can help, I don’t hear voices but have audible thoughts that come from an imaginary person (a little grumpy man).

He is putting thoughts in my head and has done it for twenty years now. I know that I have constructed his personality, that I have created him.

I wouldn’t worry too much, but tell your psychiatrist.


Very interesting.

Do you see him, as well as hear him?

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Only with my inner eye… He is wearing a panamahat

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Interesting; an inner eye.

Thank you for your reply.

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That’s really odd you say that. I can’t see my hallucination, but I have a very clear image in my mind of what he looks like

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Yes, the schizo mind wanders in mysterious ways. I know every wrinkle in the grumpy little mans face.
It is a sort of splitting of the mind

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