Names with Voices

Have your voices told you their name? If so what are their names im wondering if we hear the same people.


Racheal, Anastacia, Scott, Simon, Donny,…

well i would hear voices of people i know in real life, family and friends or celebrities, so yes i knew their names. it really messed with me. there was only 2 or 3 strange voices i didn’t know who they were. they were the worst ones. i thought they were witch doctors.

Mine were all the names of real people.

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Logan and John are the ones I hear the most.

Did you confirm it was them you were hearing?

Mine are my family and people I work with.

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Well there are some names I know like family or friends. And some I don’t know like Noah, Alrick and Erica… Angelica, Jon, Stacy, Stephanie.

Some of them are just names that come randomly… like someone else is thinking of them… if that makes sense

I never had voices. If your hearing voices you should talk a psychiatrist. Hearing voices is not a good thing. Good luck.

@oe1489, How did you get dx for sz? Delusional?

how get a doctor, do you have insurance. if you do just call your insurance they will find one for you.

No you misunderstood sorry. I meant if you were not hearing voices then what symptoms did you have that led the pdoc to give you a sz diagnosis?

i dont know how they diagnose sz, O yea i was seeing things like demons, and shadows. I thought my whole family was trying to kill me. I think diagnose me threw other things like behavior too, But never heard voices but you dont have to hear voices to be diagnose to be sz.

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Alien the evil spirit and Sarah the good spirit

I don’t give them names. I feel like that would give them too much power.

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Linda cries, she claims to be my wife, tells me “you’re sick” “wake up”.

Nina claims to be my daughter, calls me her daddy.

I’ve also got angels, but I’d rather not disclose their names.

Oddly, I have almost exactly the same kind of characters in my head as Ooorgle.

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