Do you hear voices, and what are their names?

Have you ever wondered Y you hear them or Y they have names?

I do still have my voices. They don’t have names, they have personas. The hypnotist, the little girl, the panic man, the commentator, the observer and the good doctor.

I live with my sister and she is NOT Sz. I ask her if she hears voices ever. She did say once in a while she’ll hear her name called just once or a little noise here or there in her head. But every one has an internal dialogue. I just finally figured through years of therapy and meds and other things that my voices are a bit of my internal dialogue just really acting up. Because when I am stressed and upset they are very negative and hurtful and scary.

But I’ve gotten a lot better and now they can still set me back a bit, but they have all sort of changed. The more I learn to ignore them, or cope with them, it feels like, the weaker or less hurtful they become.


When my schizophrenia started the voices tended to give fictional names except when I knew the name of the person that it sounded like. After a while a core constituent of voices were anonymous. The familiar voices only continued when I was in public. I don’t care who they sound like now as I’ve trained my mind not to dwell on the lives of others too much. Unfortunately not thinking about others helps the psychosis some. That’s unfortunate because I’m less sociable in that way. I guess it lessens the connection of wondering how others perceive me thus reducing such concerns. It also makes me more careless in how I dress and how I conduct myself because I care less about how others perceive me.

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2000 years ago you would literally be called demon possessed, 1500 years ago they would have blood letted you, 10000 years ago you would be put in boxes, 500 years ago they would have given you a lobotomy, today the just give you a label and give an anti-dopamine receptor blocker which by the way, is needed for pleasure responses, along with a benzodiazepine which is not only habit forming but looses it’s effectiveness over time! Well what year do you think your living in?
As far as names go, what kinda hallucination gives you a name, or better yet can you detect the vicinity or direction you are hearing your “voices”? Are they to left, right, in front of or behind you or can you only hear them in your head? In any case, why do you think an auditory hallucination would need a name for? Think about it, my guess would be for personhood or better yet do some of you have multiple voices with different genders i.e. Male and female voices! Sounds to me like we are living in biblical times, get it? My voices names are Ross G. Furman and ‘Shela’ Lisa… And Ross is a Satanist in reality and Shela, well that’s another story, havering said this let me just inform all of you who know your possessed but play the game anyway, know this much not even the Vatican will touch you once you’ve been labeled, so don’t get your hopes up! By the way there is a way to find this person who happen to live on earth as well as Lisa! Lets just call it demonic possession and not even freeze drying them will get them out, little long drugs we are given, that’s not to say don’t take your meds, do but just know if psychiatry had an age it would be two! O and I would like to add that although I know from whom these voices originate as a believing Catholic I prefer the term Demons to being a carrier or a consumer! O.K.

Two of my voices have names. Dolly, who is a little girl that I also have visual hallucinations of, and Josie a teenaged girl. Then there is the mean one who is unnamed. And a panic woman (I’m stealing J’s name cause I like it) but I’m not sure if this is a voice that I’m hearing or an internal subconscious voice because it sounds like me.

i could give u a list but there r over 200 of them. they all have names but i don’t know them all. the ones leading the way at the moment r mel gibson and mel b. i hate them with a passion i cannot describe.

well mell B always was annoying and so is mel gibson. sorry you hate those ones.

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I have a name for one voice. She told me her name is Michelle. The other voices don’t bother making friends with me. Michelle is a woman about my age. 35-40. She is kind.

I also have the kid. Screaming in terror or calling for me.

I never got the Rx for benzo’s…hmmmm, now that I wonder why, but at this point don’t really care.

For awhile those voices were heard in all directions, and outside, coming from the attic, and within the room I was in, as if from the center of it, and not from any discernible source. Sometimes it was music, popular songs, foreign songs, familiar songs played slower than intended, like a bad remix, sometimes an “extended” version of a familiar song that looped endlessly for hours.

As far as why they came with a name, you’re the one who is calling them a hallucination, not them. They could be real, as in a real creepy experiment by stinky scab suckers who enjoy giving people a label to be discredited should they choose to disclose their misfortune to anyone.

It’s really not too hard to figure out, then once you do, you find yourself with a little extra something terminal.
Go figure.

I also hear them in all directions. Usually behind me, above me or in another room.

Yes Mel b always was a bit of a prat by all accounts and as for Mel Gibson? Nasty, nasty piece of work in real life but in my head? Calm as u like.

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I hear numerous voices but only three have names, Aaron, Devon and Rebecca.

even as braveheart with blue face paint etc
we will take our meds but you will never take our freedooooomxxx

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if only he was that principled huh…■■■■■■■! u always make me laugh dandy. xxx

my voices are of my dead grandparents.

At different times in my life I have heard many voices that really seem anonymous to me. There is no real sense of identity to them, or even meaning to what’s said. Just short bursts of angry berating and judging. There really is only one that named itself. It is something truly evil and terrifying to me. I won’t share the name name because I do not want to somehow call it up. I’ve learned to not even think it. I may know what is talking but I make my mind skip over his name. I’ve only shared it once and that was with a Catholic priest. He was a good man and offered insight relating to the name but little else.

Doing a sort of 1984 doublethink is my way to deal. I know it. It knows me. And whenever it’s there and the name intrudes I make my mind like a calm lake and though the words may get through the name is like a skipping stone. It touches the surface of my thoughts and I bounce it along before it can really get in.

I have a group of voices, I call them my Ve Ve doctors. They give me Gods Knowledge . I record the knowledge in my paintings.

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Did you know Carl Jung ( the distinguished psychiatrist) heard voices…and one of the voices was called Philomena

The voices I hear don’t have names and sometimes I don’t realize they are “voices”…they sound familiar though.