Do you get nostalgic feelings

I sometimes do as in this morning. When I woke up the sun was shining and it was warm, I got this nostalgic feeling that I was in my grandmother’s house in the 1970s in another part of the town on Sunday waiting my grandmother and my cousin to come from the Jehovah’s Witness meeting. This gave me a very nice and pleasant feeling, I liked it.

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yeah I get nostalgic,

Not over childhood memories really but more about my teens and early 20’s. It was hell at the time, most of the time, but there were some truly beautiful times and quality friendships…I knew and loved some truly unique people.

I used to have a box with photographs in it, one of my girlfriend and I after kayaking to an island off the coast of Maine when we were 14. Several of a small bonfire party at what we used to call “the pit”, all my good friends of the time are there and there are stolen garden gnomes sitting around the fire. When I used to look at these I swear I could smell the wood smoke and taste the cheap beer and feel the love.

But, that little box of photographs was lost when I moved and I haven’t seen it in a year :frowning:

This is actually interesting, because I may have the same nostalgic feeeling anywhere. I remember I was in Mexico in 1996 and traveled in Copper Canyon and when I woke up in one morning I got the same nostalgic feeling as I did in this morning. I suppose my mind wants to travel back to this particular moment in my childhood always. It is a long distance from Mexico, Copper Canyon to Finland.

Reading your post made me feel nostalgic. I went through some of my files and found a ton of pics from my teen years, with my best friend Michael in them too. We were such pot heads back then lol.

I would post some pics, but I don’t want to show the world incriminating evidence against myself. But they’re funny and brought back great memories of a much simpler time.

And it reminded me how lucky I am to still have my best friend Michael. Fifteen years later!




My twenties were miserable but I still feel nostalgic about them.

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I was hit with a huge slap of nostalgia yesterday. I lost my friend from childhood/ teen aged years for a long while. His kid sis and my kid sis got us back together just this last Christmas. What a gift.

Yesterday we met up at Coleman Pool. It’s a pool out on Alki Beach and we used to swim there on the youth swim team.

It’s a long course. (50 yard) and the cool cloudy morning… the pool that hadn’t changed since 1932… the same view of Vashion Island out in the distance. Wow, just like old times.

After the swim he said he was really craving a Husky Deli milkshake and sandwich. I felt like I was 8 years old all over again. I’m very grateful to have this friend back.


no i don’t get nostalgic. i haven’t known what it feels like to b free since i was 15 years old. oh for a different life!

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I easily get nostalgic but I suppress it because I become manic when get nostalgic and indulge myself to smoke and drink and eat junk food and also very happy but all in all it’s not good for me.

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I get a lot of nostalgia all the time, but it’s not good for me because I have learned I get too depressed if I dwell on the past too much…the past is not coming back, have to live in the present to make new memories as time passes…yes, I get nostalgic about college days, highschool days, days with my grandparents while they were still alive…etc…all pain now…

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i am happy for you that you have nice memories that make you feel happy.
take care

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I get nostalgic all the time… but Not ever sure as to what brings it on.sometimes as you said on a nice day as you described. the breeze will carry a scent to it that’s familiar. No clue as to where I recognize it from though. Not a single memory to accompany the feeling. It brings on a state of something like depressed euphoria is the only way to describe it. I’ve gone without most symptoms for nearly two years now, some remain but that nostalgic delusion seems to be the main one that remains. Anyone else get this?

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