How is your nostalgia? I think back about right after I had a big psychotic break in 2011… I had no license or money and was living at home doing nothing…but I miss those times. Thinking back I remember being miserable, but I liked the vibe in the air in 2011 better. I remember walking to the beach every day and it was fun. Now I’m active and happier but I wish I was21 again. Ugh nostalgia.

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Yeah, something a little similar for me. I had my break when I was 19. I was living in a place called Soteria House, an experimental world-famous house for schizophrenics. I was suffering terribly but I have a few fond memories of being young and living with the other people my age there. And how exciting some of the women there were. 90% of my memories and experiences of there were bad but I guess just being young at the time gave me some good memories.

I get nostalgic about video games and past gfs some times. I have a lot of memories that don’t have any sentimental attachment to them.

Was just watching this the other day.

I lived in a group home then left, but I came back because I had nostalgia to it. Then I became miserable again quickly and left again. Although I think it’d be better now because my meds are better, I couldn’t last in that place…twice. And I still had nostalgia to it. There was one lady I had a close bond with. She was nice.

I have fond memories of parts of my childhood.

Family gatherings - Christmas get togethers, living in my childhood home etc…

I get Nostalgic quite often lately.

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I have nostalgia for my teenage years. I had a great life, had so much fun, went to the beach, party every weekend, great job and school, my family used to take care of me. Now I have to work, I’m responsible for myself, I especially hate cleaning, I have to change the sheets on fridays and organize my apartment. I don’t like responsibility. On the other hand, I like that I’m successful, I’m free to do anything I like, I have a car and can go anywhere, if only I can function like a normal person, especially mood, drive and focus I don’t want anything else. My mental illness started after I turned 22. I should be thankful for those years though, a lot of people don’t have the memories.

I have to google that word and get back to you.

The illness is very humbling. Almost everyone with sz I know has one time said they were grateful as it could be worse. Some ppl have it a lot easier than us and never realize how lucky they are. I’m grateful for all I have.

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Sometimes I have great experience somewhere and I say, “That was great. I’m never going back.”

Just because it couldn’t be the same twice.

That is how a lot of things feel these days. Or maybe it’s just an excuse for not taking interest in things.