I feel old but happy

My nephew and his friend came over and stayed a while. We are so different as far as interests in music. All they want to listen to rap and talk on their phones to girls while we visited. It didn’t bother me but after they left I just thought to myself “man, are you OLD.” haha…just like that. I never think about it except when I look in the mirror, but it is a comfort to me that I am growing older because I had a belief system while ill that made me believe I was trapped in a two year period over and over as a laser on a compact disc somewhere in space…terrifying, I am not describing the fear I had well, but I am just glad that I am NOT trapped in a computer and that I am growing older.

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It’s good that you have the self-knowledge.

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Thank you pob, your insight is always so right on…yes, it is indeed good that my actual physical self growing older proves my delusion powerless.
It is so nice to come here and see you post on different things. I have a lot of respect for you. I remember you like “breezes in the window” am I correct?

Yeah, and with curtains blowing.

Remember that song Bookends ?

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Simon and Garfunkel? I believe so but I can’t remember how it goes. All I remember about that song is that it’s really mellow. Like you. !

I’m 55, and I am more and more starting to feel like a senior citizen. I can get senior citizen discounts at various businesses. I am starting to take stock of my life, seeing both what has been good and what has been bad. I will probably have to face some things before I die, and it might not be pleasant. In some way I am content to grow old. I don’t need the same things now as when I was young. I’m hoping I will find peace before I die.

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I’m 37. I feel like 20. I look much younger than I am. I have to show ID when I buy tobacco. You have to be 18 years old to buy tobacco in Sweden.

I believe you are as old as you feel. My best friend is 57 years old. She could be my mom. But we don’t think about age. Friendship is ageless.

@pob, are you Patch on the other similar SZ forum? I love to read your posts especially those in the Creativity section.

Yes. Thanks. I see by your pic that you are mentalhealthmy. We meet again -

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They carded me when I bought cigarettes till my hair turned grey. They’re still not sure - I act younger than my age.

I am getting older too - I am feeling it. My pre teen nephew is from another generation, he is a computer whiz and here I am barely trudging along through my old laptop :neutral_face: