Do you get enough D in your system?

From my understanding, quite a lot of people lack D in they’re system. I wish i could give the D Vitamin to more people. I would personally give it to them. :laughing:

That’s how important i think it is :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It is, especially in the dark part of the year.

I take it regulary. It’s good for brain function and it helps against depression I find.

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I take a Vitamin D capsule every morning. My primary care doc prescribed it years ago after my labs showed I was deficient.


Yes I get the D in my system all the time.


i know you do ! :grin:

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Vitamin D is fat soluble so needs to be taken with some fatty food.

I take it every morning. It’s helpful I believe. Otherwise I wouldn’t take it the last 3-4 years

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I have to supplement with a weekly pill. I’m normally low without it.

Been doing that for years and my levels have always come back in acceptable ranges since.

Weekly pill??

I take 25 mcg or 1000 IU each and every day. Probably a lower dose.

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Me personally I think it helps with mood, bone strength, helps prevent covid and helps my skin to be tanner and bright. Especially in winter

50k IU every week. It’s how my GP likes to do it, says it has to do with absorption.

I’ve no complaints. Just more pills added to the pile, lol.

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There are good supplements out there too. No reason to be deficient. I take vitamins now, and ever since I started, everything is in the right range

Wow that’s a crazy dose!!! I had side effects at a high dose. 1000 IU is ideal perfecto for me.

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I take a vitamin D3 every morning because mine was low.


Yes, and get the blood test to check its level occasionally. It’s highly important for proper immunity among other things especially during this pandemic.

Deficient people are at a very high risk for autoimmune disorders and many other disorders.

Best way to get it is through sun exposure, but not to the point of burning obvs, because that causes more beneficial hormonal changes than just vitamin d3.

I’m seriously deficient. Supplements are not working at all, even 5000. This week, I have a teleheath with my NP about starting me on the super high dose prescription kind. I want to talk to her first about what may be causing this. I would like to do something to address it at the root.

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I think I get enough vitamin D, in the warmer months. But in the colder months, I think I’m lacking. I take a low vitamin D3 supplement, everyday, though. I think that helps me get by.


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