Do you feel your super nice until you behave weak?

I am super nice,until I behave and speak weakly powerless,I don’t know why I am like this,I don’t want to be like this…

Things will change for the better, it can’t be stagnant all the time.

Thank you,I totally believe your right,I wanna be a bad guy…haha

Im not sure what behaving weak is. I’m not a macho guy and have long quit worrying about stuff like that.

As far as having people take advantage… I’m working on not letting that effect me. I get help with that.

some people are gentle and sensitive if you are that way dont tell yourself not to be plus women love that stuff haha

Are you serious?ok,I am actually more of gentle,sensitive with nervous in me,do I still sounds attractive this way?the nervousness is till that when I talk,I wanted the co conversation to end as quick as possible,it’s really nervous to see me talk

yeah imo people like shy people you can listen to people and they feel heard, asking people about themselves etcif you put your attention on they you dont have to disclose anything about yourself yes oh course its who you are you dont need to change for anyone.

and anyway there too many macho acting assholes out there anyway takes guts to be a gentle kind person lol


The thing is, you should state what you feel your issue is, but not dwell on it.
Wait until you think you need to explain your situation (nervousness?) is why your not keeping up with your end of the conversation. Most people are in the same boat as you and not judge you as harsh as you are probably doing yourself.
Just relax and remember that the more you talk to people, the easier it gets.