I'm a scared timid type now. Need advice on being less fearful and less lazy

When I got diagnosed I was ok for a bit. But then I went nuts and I got scared and now I’m hated because people think I’m stuck up and they also think I’m grandiose for not speaking and being quiet and not getting involved with anyone because I don’t trust anyone. I know they almost all want to be cruel and I’m coming to the great sz forum hoping for some real advice. If at a point in your illness you were scared all the time and spoke real soft and light and were more of a robot dog than human, pls advice. How do I act my age and how do I pretend I’m not completely empty and dead inside? While also not pissing people off more to the point they purposefully ■■■■ up my brain more than it’s already been.

Thx. I’m fD up ik

I always handled that with heavy drinking. I can tell you that’s one thing that won’t work.


You must be my twin. I don’t know. As you get older, other people’s opinions don’t mean as much. It’s difficult, but you shouldn’t let other people’s negativity stand in your way.


are you sure they feel that way?

I suppose you can’t please everyone.

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