Do you feel you need to be loyal to people in real life?


Like family or friends ? Not that I have any friends left though.

I’ve just come out of a silent 2 day schitzo meltdown (I have them this time of year) and I’ve finally snapped with regards to “loyalty”.

Loyalty just causes problems. It’s open to grave abuse.


I consider myself a loyal person. But you do have to set limits and watch who you’re loyal to. It can definitely be taken advantage of, that’s for sure.


I am loyal to those who are trustworthy.


When my brother came home saying “I pledge allegiance to the flag” he was soon sent off to boarding school.


I define loyalty as constant support, so by that definition I’m loyal to several people in my life (and they’ve been loyal to me).

I go home with the girl I bring to the dance.


yes I’m pretty loyal, I don’t want to go thru a schizo-meltdown either, I can imagine how terrible that would feel


I’m as loyal as an old dog. to those that deserve it.


Exhibiting loyalty, like all virtues, is difficult. I think the key is to master ourselves through temperance and then we can do those difficult things.


Loyal to those that have earned it.


People just let me down in life.

I’m so sick and tired of being around useless incompetent people especially my medical team


I’ma loyal person. Even my closest friends take advantage of it.


I use to be loyal have qualities of loyalty,
But can’t trust anyone in this world now.


My family and a few friends are loyal to me. They stick with me even most of the time I’m Looney tunes. They treat me with great respect and tell me they admire me.
Mostly I want to hide but I am thankful for the people in my life especially my kids.


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