Are you loyal to your friends and family?

Hey guys as above from a personal viewpoint i consider myself a very loyal guy, thoughts?


I’m not good at making friends I just prefer to have aquaintances, to my family I get along great with them

i’m very loyal yea…

I’m very loyal, but not immediately loyal upon meeting someone

yeah, I am.

I show up.

Extremely loyal. I find it really difficult to completely give up on anyone.


I’m too loyal. 151515

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I’m loyal to my immediate family. Don’t have any friends.

If you mean loyal as in on their side and trying to help them then definitely. If you mean loyal as in always going to stick around, that depends. I don’t get very attached to most people.

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Not the way I was before … more careful now with who I am loyal to


Yes, i am loyal, when i get invited i usually show up. But i am not in a position to give help. I maybe can give moral support sometimes.

I would never betray them. I trust them. As a kid I did a couple things that were disloyal to a friend but he did some things too. But I would never hurt my family or cause them harm.

Yeah, I’d say pretty loyal tbh. Depends on what though, some things simple don’t align

I’m with @SkinnyMe sometimes I am too loyal. Sometimes I don’t recognize when it’s time to walk away

It’s difficult when people stop caring.

Michael Cohen had loyalty. Lol

who’s that?


it’s important NOT to be loyal to people you just met or you’ll be taken for a ride.

Friends, yes. Only loyal to the family that aren’t idiots (which is most of them).

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