Who is on youre side family or friends

who who who who…i guess i have mysef

I have my family.

Family , even though I differ with them on political views which I have voiced concerns about at times.

My parents are dead. My brother and sister both support me. My nephews and niece care about me, but they have their own lives.

I have family and a few friends who I feel are on my side.

Now that life is moving on… it’s time for me to be on their side.


I’ve been put up with a lot ■■■■ because of my family but I don’t trust a lot of my friends the way I trust my family. I think when I get sick, my family will take care of me.

I have fair weather family. I get some support if I’m doing ok, then when I’m not, it’s like they get a teeny tiny bit angry. Like I’m becoming a drain on their precious normie resources. So I couldn’t exactly say they’re on my side. Fair weather family.

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Excellent answer James, I feel the same way. I’ve actually helped my family quite a bit.

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My family. I don’t really have friends nor do I really want friends.

i thought that my ma was looking out for my best interest

It turns out that im wrong…

F**k it …im less than right most times anyway.

I have family on my side but not friends. My friends weren’t loyal…haven’t seen them in 18 years.