Do you ever want to... just

:sweat::gun: I can just feel everything coming down on me. That ■■■■■■■ guy at work trying to get me fired when I didn’t even work yesterday when he had a problem, all the loss this year, and I’m just slipping emotionally.

Hey, it’s just an assh*le … Not worth it!

@Minnii well yes he’s an ■■■■■■■, but do I want to live in a world where he is? Do I want to live so that whenever I hear something tragic my emotional response is sad but my external emotion is smile and laugh causing me even more grief. And then there’s people that are suppose to care about me. Today I was talking about my progress at the gym and my coworker/‘friend’ told me he didn’t give a ■■■■ and I should stop talking about it. Cool man, cool.

Think of it this way, you’e not like that. I actually prefer to live in a world where there’s more people like you than like them. They have the right to exists and do their things… You have the right to exist and be the good person that you are. It shoulnd’t even be like this, in an ideal world people should care for one another and not be hypocrites. But a lot of people are just affraid of that happening to them, and that scares them and they don’t know how to react, so they just say mean things.

You don’t deserve to be around such people, you deserve much better.

There’s a saying in my country: “Better alone than in bad company”

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People can be jerks. Try not to dwell on it. Do what you need to do to defend yourself, but try not to cop a resentment. That just hurts you.

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In the words of slipknot people=■■■■. Just know your not alone. Maybe make some different new friends not everyone is a dick maybe you just havent found any of the good ones yet there are alot of assholes out there so it can be difficult but the good ones are out there.


True. I should just hermit hard. My roommates are getting on my nerves. One lives by, “We’re roommates so we should share food and supplies.” Because he has nothing to offer and the other, my brother is an arrogant ass that thinks he knows everything even thought he’s always wrong.

@crimby people are so disappointing.

@flameoftherhine found you guys. That’s a start.

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Sometimes people are disappointing, other times they show their good sides. It’s kinda how we wish to see them most of the times, and how they wish to present themselves.

Don’t make decisions on your life based on other peoples existence.

Again, very true. I’ve always been a giver and lived by ‘treat others the way you want to be treated’ and I always get the short end of the stick. That gets to me, sometimes more than it probably should especially in these moments of despair.

Me too man, I always set myself up for disappointment.

Similar approach as you guys the failure always hurt but the few successes made the pain worthwhile.i have to remind myself kidness is not a weakness taking advantage of the kindness is.


Seems like the human way. I try not to get an image of people in my head so I won’t be disappointed when they act like who they are at their core, alas I can never stop myself from falling into the same trap and doing the opposite of what I would like to.

Your edit made the post better. I like the quote, “Soft hearted people are not idiots. They know and remember what you did to them, but they forgive.” Or something like that anyways.

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It’s like people told me the last time I was disappointed. It’s on me the good things I do, it’s on them how they react and how they act. It has nothing to do with us, it’s them and their lives.

And @flameoftherhine is right, the good always outweights the bad

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The biggest problem with being above average? Politely tolerating the below average. I have learned to cherish solitude.


Off topic pixels new avatar makes me laugh everytime i see it.


@Minnii a habit I need to break, not letting others effect my well being. Maybe when i’m 70 i’ll get it.

@MrSquirrel solitude is fantastic. BTW how are you? Are you still in the hospital? Did you ever get to watch DD?

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Still in the hospital. Not a pacemaker problem, but some new delinquent behaviour on the part of my ticker. Getting an angiogram tomorrow along with a second echocardiogram. Hoping to get back on my feet, soonish.


Best of luck pix

Best of luck from me too.