I'm tired of myself

I ain’t English but in real life I try to keep a stiff upper lip. Friday at work I was on my break sitting in the empty gym by myself sipping a soda. I was stressed and tired and unhappy. My co-worker I’ve been working with for four years walked by me and asked me if I was alright. I automatically told him I was doing fine.

Well, I’m NOT doing fine. A lot of things are up in the air in my life and I’m trying to balance a lot of problems and at the least, keep what I’ve already got going for me. I may not be moving forward in life but at least I’m maintaining what I have.

My co-worker kept walking and I thought, “What’s wrong with a little venting?” These guys complain to me about their lives and problems why shouldn’t I do it back? But it’s like my step-father told me. We come from an older generation who were taught not to show emotions. He’s right. But if my co-worker asks me that again he’s going to get an earful.


It’s always a thing where you automatically say you’re fine when someone asks, just to be polite.

If you have known each other for four years I’d hope he would hear you out. You should give it a try if you think you have a good enough bond.


Yes, you’re right. We get along well and we tell each other personal things sometimes. It’s just that now, my problems aren’t just annoying little inconveniences, I’m dealing with some huge problems.

Sorry to hear you have some huge problems going on. If you feel you can share them here, I am sure you will get support.

That might be an option. It’s relatively anonymous here.


You have earned your right to vent your feelings out. I’ve learned through therapy that you’re not unloading emotional baggage on others, you’re communicating and through that communication you’re relating with others. It’s how people bond. It’s been happening for as long as we’ve been able to communicate with each other. It’s a beautiful thing.


Your a good guy @77nick77 ! I’d be happy to have a coffee with you and chew the fat! It’s always hard but cultivate a friendship with someone so you can unload some things. You can do it here but it’s not the same.

It’s nice to have friends you can unload on sometimes. I do really well and I can’t complain but it’s taken me a lifetime of working on relationships. Your never too old to start!


I understand what you mean, I think. Sometimes, things aren’t as severe when they are at the beginning stages. Sometimes, too much is piled on top and you can’t breathe.

You’re going to get through this, hon. You’re smart, kind, funny, and honest. Oh, and you try hard, too! Take care.

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