I hope I will make it

I hope I will still be here.
My family and loved ones too.
Tomorrow and the next day.
Just want a normal life
And peace on this Earth
Just to give a hug
That’s all I want to do.


Who do you want to hug?


You’ll be ok @see121 :sunny:


Hang in there @see121. You’ll be alright.

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How are you feeling today @see121?

Hi @FlyingPurplePeopleMeeter, how can I call the police? Someone is after me

this sounds scary

police don’t always help

sorry to hear your’e worried


need to call them though

Why do you think someone is after you?

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Have you told your doctor someone is after you?

It is a guy, I think he is outside.pls help

Is anyone there with you who can check and reassure you?


yes thanks I hope they will leave

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Will you call your doctor?

Yes I already did.

Good. How can I help?

please help…

What’s going on? Did you contact your doctor? Have you been taking your meds as prescribed?

People outside are worrying me.

Try not to worry, okay? It’s Friday night. They’re probably a bunch of teens or young adults having a party or something.