Do you ever think your parents would poison you?

This is what a delusion is, right? My mother could be tired of the difficulty I cause, snap and put something in my juice. She’s a nurse. My father, in the past, put a gun to her head, hit her and has been to jail for it. This is a guy who could poison my water. It is possible, I wouldn’t call it impossible. From their perspective they have a burden living with them. The question is flushing the carrot juice my mother made an hour ago because she loves me and which is waiting in the refrigerator. But I know my brain makes these things and spams it. You know what, I’m going downstairs and forcing myself to quick belt that carrot drink and when nothing happens the cycle continues.

Have you kept thinking your parents or family would poison you because they’ve had enough?

It’s done. I just drank a whole mug of carrot juice. The toilet will be orange with my guilt later.


It’s a pretty typical paranoid delusion. But you did well.


The “everyone wants to poison / kill me” delusion is a formulaic part of schizophrenia. The brain is just making that shiz up, just ignore it.

Put it this way, if you were to die of poisoning, she’d get caught after the autopsy.


Thank you both! It’s good to know that I may not completely be faking my illness. About my mother, she has let my dad know that he can’t so much as breath on her or she can make one phone call and have him ordered to stay away from the house for another few years. He’s checkmated.

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I’ve gone through this delusion. I almost lost my ■■■■. Thankfully its not there anymore. Still sometimes it’s a passing thought but it no longer consumes me.

You can get through this and she isn’t trying to poison you.


It’s common, I think.
It sometimes comes with gustatory hallucinations, tasting poison in your tongue, and also having the delusion


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