Anyone ever think there water supply was poisoned or your pharmacy is poisoning you

i can get pretty paranoid i thought my water was being poisoned and wouldnt drink it i had to buy bottles water i also thought my pharmacy was poisoning my meds or switching them out for something else i still have trouble going to a restaurant i struggle with worrying about poison or something gross in my food its kinda always in the back of my mind i have a pot lid on my door handle at home so if someone trys to open the door it will crash to the ground and i will know thats just a few of my delusions

Yeah I have this too, mine used to be thinking my parents were trying to kill me by poison


Same here. Stupid schizophrenia phase. My parents are blameless.

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I JUST FIND IT QUESTIONABLE that in my city there has never ever been a report of any water contamination. Yet sometimes there is a very very strong smell of chlorine.

What are the odds that they get it perfect 24/7 ?

I also have seen that the water in my bath tube takes on different colors.

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Be assured no one is trying to poison you.

That being said, I’m suspicious of the pharmacy, too.


I used to think my water was toxic… didn’t stop me drinking it, I just don’t drink it on it’s own because it tastes disgusting

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One time I thought a hospital had poisoned me so I went to another hospital it get it checked out. I went straight to the psych hospital ward.

I thought I was poisoned because all the veins on my hands turned green. Probably a hallucination


I always take the deadly risk to eat and drink, take my medications and trust my community telling me its going to be allright. My fuses in my brain are nonexistent anymore. Here comes my 49th nervousbreakdown.(rolling stones)

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Fuses in your brain?

I don’t really get the delusion of poisoning. I get mostly delusions that make me think foods have spoiled or that drinks have something vaguely “wrong” with them.

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