Do you believe in demons?

For a while there I thought people were under demonic influence. Sometimes I still wonder. Some people say they see shadow people and things like that. I’ve never seen anything like that, I’ve only seen what they do. Anyone have any experience with this?

i see demons all the time they scream in my face .
but my dark angels who look devilish are actually good .
but i see ghosts, entities , shadows ,bugs and the list goes on…
take care

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That’s interesting. Do they do anything, like influence people? Cause trouble?

if you allow them they can influence you and make trouble.
they are never ending but it does not bother me, nothing scares me.
for normal people they would make them go mad , make them do things , whisper in there ears.
but to be honest they are scared of me, most of them anyway . but they still try.
take care


I saw my guardian angel before they stuffed me with meds. He talked to me, he was a dark shadow. He sat at the table with me when my pdoc told me my dx. He joined the coversation but they never answered him. They just talked to me. I felt very calm having him around. He never said anything to scare me. The voices did though. Ghosts. Poking me and scaring me. My angel scared them away for a while.

Yes I believe in demons. I think they do everything in our minds like voices, hallucinations ect. I believe they attack us more because we are chemically imbalanced.

Of course I believe in demons.
Have you ever been with someone who drinks 750ml of tequila.

Or the ones who appear as angels to the masses because their is no other option…those take pieces of your identity to their own private hell then release it on stage of the audience of your closest people.

I prefer the dark navy bodies that dash from room to room, not just out of the corner of my eye, but catching a full scale mass that leaves no doubt it was my mate, only to search the room with results of nothing.
Or would one prefer the green diablo and companions inside the mirrored door of my bedroom closet?

Makes no difference what is preferred does it?
Because true nature of demons is that common thread of they do exactly what suits them, not anyone else, and be warned or learned, stand in their way and you will not remain what you were before they crossed your path.

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I believe that I believe demons are imaginary beings.

Great topic

Yes I do Yes I do and Yes I do.

4 years ago it started. I started seen them stand around me, I could hear them talk to me, and I could feel them touch me. I used to see a how I can only describe as a frame around people and I could see them walk with other people standing over their right sholder.

I still hear them voices and still feel them but I don’t see them much. I believe now looking back that they showed themselfs to me to input fear into me but I never got scared and really enjoyed looking at them.

Every now and then I see dark black clouds they are about the size of a man but not shaped like a man, clouds… with two glowing dots at the top (I asume they are eyes)

I also seen and this was at the same time (4 years ago) I seen this creature, It had the head of a loin and it was gold, and the body of a scorpion, It was standing on my back just beside my right sholder. I got a mirror because sadly my head doesn’t turn that far lol, Then when I looked in the mirror I couldn’t see it unless I gazed through it to the point my eyes watered. That was a little scary but the most beautiful thing I’v ever seen.

I’v seen loads of other things to if you want to know just let me know :slight_smile:


or spritely enhanced?

I sen them navey bodies at a hospital enterence and exit, I seen them more as soldiers by the way they walked. I also seen a a horse and cart as if it has crashed into a tree and a man and boy where unloding the cart. It was so real but looked 1920’s and the closer I got to it the more invisable it became until it vanished. Only seen that once tho- I don’t dirnk or do drugs!

I don’t believe they do what they want tho, I know there is a chain of command, One night I was going to sleep, you know that state where your not awake or asleep, Well I heard one say something (I didn’t understand it) and no-one talked while he did, When he finished (5 seconds in reality) then someone whos voice I reconnized said " May I ask a question" I woke up from my half sleep state and couldn’t help but laugh becuase these things that tried to make me fear them where nothing but slaves- I believe that God allowed me to hear that 10second conversation because I learn’t who they are and learn’t that they are nothing but pests told what to do.

I don’t believe in Demons.

Belief is an act of fantasy.

Demons are real, not a mere belief.

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yes I do Believe in Demons I had encounters with demons or a demon in my past when I smelled the smell of sulfur in the house I used to live in.I also believe in Angels and Heaven and Hell as well as Jesus the father Son And Holy Spirit.

“wine and SPIRITS” they don’t call hard liqueur “spirits” for no reason. While the liquid itself does not house an actual demon, the effect of the strong alcohol can easily open the door to demons.

Demons are real, been around since the beginning…there are records of possession (rare) and other demon related activities. the Bible teaches how to deal with them.

There are others, thats obvious, they all have so many names at this point it’s rediculous.

This one was smart…it avoided having to recite all its long hard to pronounce names and instead said

“My name is Legion, for we are many.” (Mark 5:9)

nah don’t believe in demons…

But I remember them…gargoyle looking things that would sit there all hunched over making the strangest sounds…shadow creatures too. I came back from the east with this wooden box that could unleash a shadow creature…only caused problems though and the more rational minded would sit there going “It’s an illusion! That’s amazing!”

The demons though, not all were evil whatever that means, was introduced to sex magic by some goth who never expected that stuff to work. I’m talking being surrounded by shadow creatures of all shapes and sizes. I stood up to them, told them to go back from where they came and one shaped like a humanoid tree says to me “You! You…are a sorcerer!”

Demons man…

(none of this really even happened) it exists merely as memories in my mind.

When I have been ill in the past, I believed in all sorts of supernatural things.

This stuff does happen. I’ve been in places where demons were summoned and seen things when I wasnt even the one doing the summoning. many people saw them. Things flying off shelves, disappearing, glowing pentacles in windows. And people having nightmares of demons even though they didn’t even know demons were being called up, yet they described the demons from dreams…also the spells that worked exactly as they were called to work…problem with demon spells is they usually give a person something right away and then it falls apart…like so called “love spells”…they can cause an initial attraction and then it wears off and the relationship fails terribly.
Also, NEVER use Crowley magic and Hebrew mysticism to create a Golem (Not to be confused with Gollum from Tolkiens (LOTR)
Golem appears in psalm 139:16 where it says “My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.”.

“My substance yet being made unperfect” is translated from the word Golem.

“In Jewish tradition, the golem is most widely known as an artificial creature created by magic, often to serve its creator…
The Sefer Yezirah (“Book of Creation”), often referred to as a guide to magical usage by some Western European Jews in the Middle Ages, contains instructions on how to make a golem. Several rabbis, in their commentaries on Sefer Yezirah have come up with different understandings of the directions on how to make a golem. Most versions include shaping the golem into a figure resembling a human being and using God’s name to bring him to life, since God is the ultimate creator of life…”

Do not create a life form…period. Doing such will open a huge can of worms that cannot be contained

Yes I believe in demons. In Islam they are called Jinn, and are spiritual beings made from smokeless fire.