Hallucinating Demons

Before i was on medication, and at possible out breaks i used to see demons in people. There face would change and they would always have crooked teeth. they stank like s h i t.They were always communicating through hand gestures and spoke to each other through wave lengths. They could read everything in my mind. I often used to spot them in large gatherings busy blending in and the mass horde of people didnt have a clue what was going on.

They spoke a different language, but they whispered it, i could hear it clearly but could never make sense of it. they often smirked at each other knowing that i could see them, they made fun of me with each other…I once got involved with one at a outdoor festival and i punched it. Things didnt end well.I was very sober at the time.

I feel like today, i spotted one. It was just a thought without the fear. But i felt like i could see one in someone. Its terrible knowing that even though they are not real, just around the corner they are real…I just need one small relapse to fuel them and im convinced they are. Luckily im going to see my doc next week.

If i felt like i saw oone today just for a few seconds, i feel i should be concerned that somethings going wrong.

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When I get ill it’s always demons with me too.

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You had a bad weekend, man.

The stress is just manifesting itself like this.

Like lots of people here, demons are my brain’s go to delusion.

Its terrifying every single time, and I’ve been doing this since I was a child.

You can hold it together until you get to the doctor.

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Miss rex I love you :smile:

Im going to make it, I have no other choice, i might just move the appointment closer.


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Thanks, homie!

You should call and ask for a closer appointment,

Great idea.