Demons and Angels

I believe I can hear angels and demons. On cymbalta I saw a demon and it gave me a false prophecy. I also saw Jesus. On wellbutrin I heard a demon’s voice and it ordered me around. On lithium I saw two angels and heard a demon ordering me around. On effexor I developed musical ear syndrome.

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Mine was even weird, I heard ‘demon’ telling me I was an angel myself. Eventually he got away after I showed him the Bible scripture on ‘man of lawlessness’ as he (or I) couldn’t help but kept trembling.

I think these are hallucination only.

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You recited from the bible? It called me the antichrist.

there is always a struggle outside our world of the demons versus angels although we should not fear them or have them in our domain groups of reality is sometimes cold I once watched an elderly lady talking to the Lord as she was beginning to slip away it was fascinating but a light like seem to come from the edge of the room where there was no light fixture as she glowed with such happiness.

The angels tell me God loves me.

No worries, I still think these are hallucinations only.

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I hope so. I get evil dreams sometimes and pray about it. The voices know personal things about me for some reason and they attack my vision. I think I have a thorn in the flesh like Paul and God can get rid of it. I also had Illuminati members stalk me to the hospital where they knew too many details about me.

If you stop believing in these sorts of thing they lose their power over you. They are not real it’s all about subconscious belief. Your choice though. Religion must bring something to people. I wonder what it is that keeps people believing that nonsense. Is it fear? Is it hope? Is it conformity? Is it because it fills in the blanks in life? It’s stupid esp in SZ to believe in things that aren’t real. I’ve said enough you’re all free to do whatever you want.


I totally believe if you allow yourself to believe in stuff like this you will bring it to life. If you deprogram and release yourself from those ideas that creates the hallucination on that subject will fade

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100 percent agree

‘Halos and horns lock up on the dance floor on a Honky Tonk Saturday Night.’

Believe, or don’t believe, you’ll still be human, a being of hate.

I really love the argument “this sucks, there can’t be a creator.” Then they turn around and go “yeah im going to have several children.”

We don’t realize how we incriminate our sick ass little hearts much of the time do we?

Disregarding voices and trying to remain in the environment is really hard for me. In fact, the voices ask me very many questions.

Here’s a little tidbit about demons and Jesus Christ supposedly:

Demons say they’re the Christ. All day and fricking night they will mislead you tell you they’re an angel whatever. Learn the true name of Jesus Christ and ask them if that is it. The true name is:

Jeshua Ben Josef

as for the illuminati I’m not touching that with a 40 ft pole.

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Truthfully? I think if there’s an increased religious belief, or a lucid psychotic episode the patient has to get grounded. Like me? Sometimes I just dunno what’s real, but I reach out in my environment and to LIVING people for help I can get the basics done. Washing up, brushing the teeth, simple things and sometimes I can still play a piano, guitar or drums. I’ve been encouraged to be very creative and artistic no matter how condemning or threatening my conditions are. Drawing, just scribbling can help sometimes.

the only demons i know of are created by us. same with angels in cloud formations. there’s nothing to them, no significance other than what u read into them i think. they r just halucinations hunni. xxx

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It goes to show us how evil our own creations can be…and how cognitive these entities would be without us?? I think when it comes to these two categories (demons and angels), we can still have confidence that it IS something our consciousness created. Whether real or not. It is something that is defined in entry by our own mind. I truly believe that these conditions may help contribute to a discovery of AI through computational neuroscience and that these negative symptoms will be able to be neutralized.

From what I understand I can share ideas I’ve come by that explain instances like this in a less frightening manner but can’t prove them to be less uncomfortable.

I simply think that most (if not all) are connected to each other to share experiences to help us learn.
Some people just take in too much info (like the woman standing next to them thinking about the nice, big, steamy poop she just had).

Others take notice of this - form a religious group and start sharing art to one another through the connection.
And as kids do they then start pranking each other.

And some of us others are accidentally intercepting them goofing off.

Drink works for me. I have found that if I drink a six-pack followed by two or three whisky chasers I’ll be out cold when I go to bed. They can’t touch me then (I have tactile hallucinations). Drink also allows me to forget that I am becoming a basket case. I don’t see anything positive about my future, it is just a very dark area. Drink brightens up my life, if only for a short while. I actually think I am a better person to be around when I have had ale. How sad is that?

Best wishes,

Same here padster, but I’m cryin still…I’m just lost cause I have tactiles like you. I don’t really see the lines anymore…it’s sort of like reality isn’t there for me always. I try so ■■■■■■■ hard to ground myself…they’ve made a show out of my mind like (being john malckovich)…I’m completely blind and profession athletes and military whoop on me all…fricking…day.

As for angels and demons, I once thought I was possessed by a demon. Like it just made a hut in the backside of my mind, then I began to believe I was the demon itself. A fallen angel roaming the world readying for the end, praying for a quick end of the punishment. I was hysterical. My loss of reality cost me my marriage and I because so ugly in so many ways. I remember now, but can’t believe still that I’ve accepted what is my condition…what is real now? When the woman in your head is claiming to be the devil and stuff??? I’m about to get merced by these people and the last thing I worry about now is a demon or angel. Booming voices, hear em…jerry springer…yep. Pony show, and don’t even get me started on this baphomet stuff. The voices think I’m the antichrist. freakkkky stuff.