Do ya like punk at all?


I don’t even know these guys. You can find anything online though.

Just looked up 80’s punk and there you go!

“No one wins a nuclear war.” I like that lyric.

I listened to some punk in my teenage years. Then it transformed to grunge and later on to heavy metal and alternative metal. And that’s were I’m stuck. It will be fun when I’m 80 and rocking away to Slipknot. Haha

I also colored my hair. It was blue, green, purple. But not at the same time.

I think of that sometimes.

What we’ll all look and sound like when we’re eighty.

Some will be listening to metal, others hardcore rap, some katy perry’s california girls.

It’s going to get wierd.

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The originals.
This is a trip.

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Punk influencers .

Yes, I LOVE punk – local punk especially.

I really like the Repo Man soundtrack. The Plugz, Circle Jerks, Black Flag, etc. and Iggy Pop. that’s about all the punk I listen to anymore.

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When it has originality in sound and words, I like it.

I do.

Though I was dismissive of the punk scene back when I was lucky enough to have been in the midst of it in the late 90’s before it really died out. I do like punk though…

My favorite punk bands are:

Pinkerton Thugs
The Unseen
The Casualties
Operation Ivy
The Descendants
The Offspring

And I do admittedly listen me some GG Allin now and again…I don’t know why…I don’t condone his behaviors…I just…do. Not all his songs mind you…I listen selectively I suppose.

Someone I used to jam with got me interested in punk. Bad Astronaut has a great song called The Thirteenth Step. All styles of music have gems. Dubstep and depressing nu metal triggers me sometimes though. xD

Punk was a chance for those lacking musical ability/creativity to make music. Discuss.

Here’s one of my favorite punk songs: Pinkerton Thugs: The Times.

It’s a gem I stumbled across again earlier this year and hearing the intro guitar riff nearly brought me back to those Saturday nights when I was 15 and banging around the pit at a punk show. I also remember my friend Doug saying to me “Pick yourself up now let’s go!” When I was down…

Hey alkaline trio is good home town chi town punk…don’t let it all go to ■■■■…

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Nofx I used to listen to them a lot and blink182

I like nofx and blink too, some not so punk no more since he went to angels and airwaves which I consider to be good too like the song (secret crowds)…good song.

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I counter that statement with a link!

This is the former lead singer/song writer of the aforementioned band Pinkerton Thugs…just a little older…no creativity? I think not.