Do women think I'm stupid?

Or other men? I face the exact same things that every guy faces every day.

Is this a random pondering statement, or are things not going well with the cute neighbor?

This family has benefited from your advice in the past and I have to admit, I’m slightly in awe of you.

I know of a head strong red head who listens to you and honestly ponders what you say.

All that AND you can cook.


I don’t know you too well, but for what it’s worth I don’t think you are stupid.

It could be paranoia creeping up - this happens to me once in a while

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I’m a woman. Do not think you are stupid.

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I dont think so…but if people think i am stupid, i know its the med. i was much smarter before med.

Another good reason for me to avoid meds.

If your not taking meds, eat lot of vegetables and fruits, it reduces the symptoms, negative and positive.


I try to do this anyways to be healthy. I do appreciate the advice. =)

Once I met one of my ex-girlfriend years ago and we dicussed and she told that she regreted of having had any relation with me in 1985. Maybe women think also that I am stupid or strange :smile:

Having a stupid moment isn’t a life sentence.

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Once in North Miami Beach I was without any shirt in the evening and two women yelled at me that I was a pervert. I do not know who they were, but they drove a nice black SUV. Personally I do not consider myself being a pervert. People just are people.

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I find that sometimes I take stuff too personally. There is one clerk at the store who always seems in a bad mood when I’m around. I was taking his mood very personally. He just had a sour attitude. My sis would try and avoid that line, but sometimes, it doesn’t work and then the guy is pissy.

I was sure it was because he could look at me and see that something is up and he was trying to send out bad vibes. But it turns out… he and my sis have had words at her pool. He goes to her old pool and he would break the rules and hog the lane, and give her a lot of lip for stuff she couldn’t do anything about, and finally she had to go to her boss and they kicked him out and “no trespassed” him for a week.

He’s been pissy and nasty due to my sis and it had nothing to do with me. So when people yell out of their car windows, I never think they are talking to me.

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I think most women think I am boring. I don’t drink or stay up all night. Lots of college age girls do stupid crap like work too many hours a week, put school second to work, and then party all weekend.

I go to bed by midnight unless it’s friday or saturday and I dont “party” meaning I dont play beer pong, my friends are like “you’re not an alcoholic anymore” and fill my cups up with water. I always drive so I dont drink.

Women think I am boring and don’t have fun, that’s what I feel like. But whatever, if they can’t respect my powerlifting lifestyle, eating high protein meals, no booze, and strict adherence to psych meds, they’re not for me.

But the end result is a pretty rocking body. I was with this one girl who was fine with my ■■■■, but she just wanted to be screw buddies and I left that little deal for a number of reasons, primarily her being bipolar and not on enough lithium. The other girls I’ve dated dated me for a month and then quit answering my calls. I’ve been on several dates with guys and had one immoral relationship with one (he had a boyfriend) but most of them were low class, creepy or immature and into drinking.

Oh and I lift weights for 3 hours 4 days a week on a competitive powerlifting team. That’s sort of a big deal, most guys simply don’t do that. I get along well with intellectual people and laid-back people, but I also get along fine with the other coo coo puffs at my gym. You’ve gotta be nuts to squat over twice your weight five times. If you can do that, you’re not normal. But normal sucks. The name of my gym is No ■■■■■■■■ Fitness and they mean it- they don’t want average people in that place, most of the members are competitive athletes. ■■■■ theres even a young teenage kid who competes in junior competitions, wears a lifting suit and a belt and ■■■■ and trains with his dad. He looks like he’s maybe 14.

But no @77nick77 you’re not stupid, you are feeling some low self esteem. Here’s a fact- you are one of the most together people on this forum and you are very wise and supportive, you’ve been there and done that with anything people have a problem with, only to come out just fine. Be proud to have your boot up schizophrenia’s ass. And crack cocaine’s ass. And alcohol’s ass. And most of all, a hard life’s ass.

Don’t base too much of your ego on other people. Im 21 and you’re what, 50 and have seen way more than I have, but my ego is strong as ■■■■ and I can tell you that looking to people who don’t even know you for your sense of self worth is not correct. Look at what you have overcome, the challenges and your resolve. That is all you. Like when we’re lifting, they cheer you on by saying “ALL YOU”, meaning that they’re not helping you push the weight up while spotting you. They tell you if they DID have to help you get the weight up too.

If you feel like ■■■■, talk to close friends and family, talk to us, talk to people who understand. The 10/10 looking women you meet might have nothing between their ears- whats between someones legs is irrelevant if they are not sentient beings.

I’ve given up on pursuing “my type” of girl in terms of looks. Im not gonna find a girl with dyed hair and tattoos my age who isnt a ■■■■■■■ airhead. That’s just porn fantasy crap. I’ve met a few girls who were my type, and they have radically different lifestyles and are honestly not going in the same direction that I am. They party and do not have 4.0’s or even come to class half of the time. They put more time into their appearances than they do their lives. They just arent compatible. My ideal female isn’t real, it’s called the Anima, Carl Jung wrote all about it.

Do you think this girl is a 4.0 honors student on a full scholarship to a university and a competitive athlete who manages the worst mental illness in the whole ■■■■■■■ textbook of abnormal psychology? Do you think she would date someone who is? (the answer is no)

You might be surprised at how many models hold degrees. Beauty and intelligence do not directly effect one another, nor do all models hold their careers for the same reasons.

I suppose many people who meet me in the grocery store or other public place might think low of me as well. But if you compared my paycheck to most of those who would look down on me you might be surprised to see I can hold my own. I am not a model, nor have I ever worked as one. I have tattoos and piercings, I dress comfortable and not always fashionably. I rarely do more than put my hair up in a pony tail. (Read: I don’t look like I take care of myself most of the time.) But you have seen my art here on the forms, I work as the lead software developer for a large background screening firm, I make more than my peers and I drive a new car paid for in cash. No family, no inheritance and I also have paranoid schizophrenia.


@sasha It’s awesome to see a developer with paranoid schizophrenia holding the position of lead software developer. I freelance myself.

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It is not easy by any means. But I am proud of myself for making it this far.


keep it up. “you go girl!”

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Thank you! If i can keep myself out of the hospital I should be fine. But it is my art career that I am looking to build. Programming really does not interest me, it just pays the bills.

Please mortimermouse, just a grain of patience, not everyone gets the ride you have. I’m getting paid better now, but for a while, if my sis didn’t work and help with the rent, we’d both be homeless. Because living at home just wasn’t an option for her at the time. So she had to take on the hours while keeping the grades as near perfect as possible, while taking care of me when I wasn’t able to figure out the toaster.
People wonder why she’s anorexic.

I get the irritation with the partying, but working one’s way through college is just a fact of life for many people.