Do u fall asleep quickly

When i hit the sack its lights out for me. I have no problem sleeping !!!

Why do so many people who have SZ have a hard time sleeping.

Does it happen to most people who have SZ

Am i just a lucky Schizophrenic

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It takes me a little while not quickly

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I usually fall asleep in 10 minutes if I am tired

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I sleep now but for years I was a horrible insomniac. That was largely because of racing thoughts. Just had a brain that never stopped.

Nearly 20 years later on antipsychotics I sleep well. I go to bed but I always have a radio on. As the meds kick in I drift off. You are lucky! It’s not an easy thing and I’ve been on the other end of that for years!

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I slept well last night, I am now taking 100mg Quetiapine, Valerian Root and 5-htp.

I sleep pretty easy on meds. But growing up I never slept.

I think some days I’m asleep before my head hits the pillow, I can’t watch a movie lying on the couch as I fall asleep

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I fall asleep very quickly with meds or after 4 am.

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@anon1152203, The only reason I sleep at all is because of all my meds. And I take a lot of sleep inducing meds. I either fall asleep right away, or I don’t sleep at all and I’m up all night. Or it’s sleep all night and up too early, at like 4 am. I am sza and not sz and I think that is what makes the difference. Sza’s are always going to have the harder time sleeping.

I fall asleep within 20 minutes thanks to risperidone.

For years it took me hours to fall asleep. Sometimes I just didn’t, and I’d stay up for days at a time. Then I’d sleep for 20 hours and wake up at some ridiculous time like 7:30 pm. I took Ritalin, which contributed to the problem. It was hard to turn my mind off.

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