Anyone else falls asleep quickly?

My sleep is prestine, it takes 7mins average to fall asleep for me


Wow that’s nice. I think I usually fall asleep within 20 minutes or so.

Yeah I have been known to just pass out

i watch tv after taking my evening meds and when i start to crash i go to my bed and fall asleep really soon after that.

For me it varies. I have nights I swear I’m out cold the second my head hits the pillow and others where I’m up for hours and can’t fall asleep

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I’m a bad sleeper. Sometimes it takes me hours. Sometimes it only takes me a half hour. Just depends on how active my brain is.

It takes me about an hour to fall asleep.

Well my sleep starts after I come home from night shifts. It’s messed up. I’m still not adapted.
So no I do not sleep quickly. I worry about my sleep amount.

Ppl at wrk keep telling me I look tired :smile:

My GF is the same, she falls asleep right away.

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I’m on amitriptyline and i often fall asleep pretty quickly. But i wake up a lot in the night and get up quite early.

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