Does anyone have trouble sleeping at night?

Is having trouble sleeping because of schizophrenia?


I considerd lack of sleep cuz my psychosis…!!! I have hard time sleeping on Zyprexa…now i am on rispredal i can sleep well now thanks…


What about after psychosis? I’m on ziprasidone it should make me more tired but at night I’m wide awake

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When I first started taking olanzapine I was so sleepy, but now I’ve been on in a while, I take ages to drop off but when I do I sleep for like 12 hours :expressionless:

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U can take sleeping aide …!!! In that case !!! Like ambien or benzo …talk to ur doc about that…i know ur kind human being… take care buddy …!!!

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I take ages to drop off as well… I can only get 8 hours max but if I get say 6 and force myself to get out of bed I feel super dizzy and weak. I can’t fight the sleep in the morning

Beds always so much more comfier in the morning aswell don’t you think? :joy:


Yeah I might see if I can try that again…my doc gave me some tomazapam one time but they wouldn’t give me any more because I will become dependent apparently.
Thanks mate, you as well! All the best

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Mmm yeah especially on cold mornings haha

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I sleep like a baby for someone who experiences “mania” I think that is extremely odd.

Yes, I think sleep doesn’t come very naturally when you have an mental illness like sz. Switching off at night takes more time because your brain is too active. I know some people who can sleep the moment their head hits the pillow :sleeping: I wish I could do it…

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Temazepam is helping. 151515

I can’t believe how well I’m sleeping on my current meds. It’s like the best it’s been in years. I take rexulti, saphris, Lexapro, topomax, Cogentin, propranolol, Ativan and most important prazosin

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Yeah, but I have Sza. It might be the bipolar thing. Usually I don’t get too depressed or hypomanic though. I’m dealing with some weird schiznit right now though.

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I take risperidone and am unable to sleep most nights til early in the morning.

Wow, that’s quite a med cocktail…


I have intense visual hallucinations most nights. Sometimes I resort to Seroquel and becoming a zombie. :joy:

hi, i wouldnt take my word on the topic as any more than personal experience but…
i think its perfectly normal for someone with schizophrenia to have little sleep…
personally most nights i am lucky to have 2-3 hours and be back up…
as long as it is enough to keep you going should be safe right…

I have some problems falling asleep, but it’s mostly waking up before I want to with racing thoughts.

I found I wasn’t tiered so I wouldn’t take my meds and go to bed, then spend hrs getting to sleep.

Recently I’ve been taking my meds earlier (before 10pm) even if not tiered and getting to sleep and waking up at a reasonable hr 10am ish.