Do the doctors see psychosis in me when I think I’m okay?

They’ve renewed my community treatment order again. I put up a good fight to the approved mental health social worker, told her I have insight and can manage my condition properly, been taking the shots without missing them etc!! She still renewed it. Basically I told her what she wants to hear because I don’t want to be on medication anymore. I honestly think I haven’t got anything mentally wrong with me. My pdoc didn’t give her much information but she read the report he wrote and that must’ve had some impact so she renewed it, I think my pdoc purposely didn’t say anything in front of me so not to upset me.

I think my pdoc thinks I’m malingering SZA. I’m kinda surprised why he wants to keep me on a community treatment order when I think he thinks I’m malingering?

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Hey @bobbilly I think it is a common theme for sz folk in the uk to think their doctors think they are malingering. In my view this is all down to the massive crackdown on welfare.

But these thoughts come from us, not the doctors. Any doctor worth their salt would not bring their politics into the clinic.

I think a lot of us are really worried to show ANY positive reaction to the meds because we are afraid we’ll lose all our support. This is a very natural thing to think considering the political climate.

But I think doctors see a positive response to meds to be more of a confirmation of your diagnosis more than anything else. You improve on antipsychotics so it follows you were psychotic at the start. Doctors appreciate conditions like sz can vary dramatically day to day so being seen whilst not 100% floridly psychotic doesn’t devalue your diagnosis one bit.


If you are not honest with those charged with helping you you are wasting your time and theirs.


That is their job because someone with psychosis often can’t tell themselves if they are sick.

I only told them what they wanted to hear, telling them I have the illness (when I believe I don’t) to be off this CTO.

How do you explain your symptoms if they are not due to psychosis ? They may well know from your responses when previously questioned that you don’t believe you have an illness , and are trying to get off your CTO because you don’t believe you are ill .

I think she did put a trick question in the conversation.

She certainly may have phrased the questions in such a way to test if your answers were genuine. She is probably aware of what some patients will do to try and get off a CTO.

My mom constantly questions my judgement and abilities like I’m a little kid. I wonder if psychiatrists feel the same way. I’m not sure. Probably droves of people probably think this way. You don’t see many schizos in powerful or influential positions. How many schizos run fortune 500 companies? Probably zero. Their stability, ability, and judgement is put into question. Mental illness is still taboo.

My opinion and experiences are ignored by large.

In regards to OP, how can I tell if you’re malingering? We don’t know you besides what you post, anonymously, but I believe you are sick.

I remember when I was first ill and my mum and dad were still together. If I disagreed with my mum she would say I was getting ill again or had I taken my pills. Later on disagreements morphed sometimes into her thinking I was going to attack her .

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That’s not as bad as my pdoc’s and nurses saw normality in me when I was very psychotic. And that went on for years and years. I had a hard time telling them that they were wrong because I thought that they knew better than I did. After all, they were educated in it and I wasn’t. Now that I’m in remission, I know that they were wrong and I was right. I should have said something to them.

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