Do our souls have sz

Do our souls have sz
is it just our minds?
are our souls trapped in our bodies
with our sick minds?

do we even have souls?


For a philosophy class I came up with the argument for the mind as the translator for the soul. When t h e mind is injured or ill the soul can’t properly communicate with the world. The paper was long and more eloquent but that’s the gist of what I believe.


My mind was injured by drugs and now my soul cant communicate what it wants.
Im literally dumb now.

I completely agree with your statement though

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I’m sorry you feel that way. I know for me, how the soul interacted with the outside world was garbled, now that I’m on meds and doing better I feel like my soul is more accurately reflected. I b hope you can find that peace too.

Interesting point. I think out souls really depend on brain chemistry more than we think. Either that or conscioussness is very gullible.

I believe there are sz’s with good souls and sz’s with bad souls, just like there are normal people with good and bad souls. I think our souls are influenced by our mental illness, but I don’t think we are doomed to be good or bad because of our dx.

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You not dumb and your soul is fine despite it all just these bodies are behind the times and slightly sick

If we have souls, I hope they don’t have sz, as there are probably no antipsychotics in the afterlife (if there is an afterlife) .

I’m glad you didn’t die from your drug use,

and now you have a second chance at life.

If even sz doesn’t mean to be illness of soul,it certainly has impact on your soul by suffering.

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I think there’s a lot of moral judgment attached to the idea of a soul, and especially to the idea of a soul being somehow damaged. I don’t know if I really believe in souls, but I certainly don’t think that sz effects or diminishes someone’s inherent worth as a human being.


My experience is that getting closer to God can protect our souls and Mind.

Our conscience, the ability to tell right from wrong remains intact.
Except in my darker moments.
But even when I was totally out of my mind I know I would never harm anyone.
Something stops me from that, and I think that’s God too.

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I almost would rather die then feel like I feel now… My quality of living has gone to crap.
People say your brain regenerates and heals itself but… idk…

I don’t think our souls are worth less or something because we’re sz. You could have the purest soul, and your mind have sz… Then you’re left not being the person you were supposed to be.

are you ever encouraged by videos? I’ve seen good motivational speakers on you tube.

But the main thing, laugh every day, or all day if you want. It’s really not that serious.

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I need to keep telling myself this. I take everything so seriously and spend a lot of energy thinking about things that don’t matter.


back awhile ago, my daughter and I were really into The Flight of the Concords,

they’re a comedy/musical group from Australia.
I’m sure you can find that on you tube,

not sure if you’re into politics, but Capitol Steps is great too.

I think mental illness is purely a worldly thing - if souls do exist. It involves things like chemical imbalances which are solely of the brain and we don;t have brains after we die. The afterlife would also not be anything like life as we know it.