Do other people constantly dissappoint you?

The story of my life…what about you?


Yep, they sure as hell do

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Yeh sometimes I just hate people in general. Sometimes it’s different and I don’t care.


I always wonder why other people don’t complain about this and think I am the odd one…But I guess I am not.

I understand you.

Not at all. Humanity is just absurd, in my opinion. This forum’s pretty much the only real contact I have with people, because I can actually relate to many that are here, where I can’t anywhere else.

Yes, sometimes through a genuine fault of their own, but also sometimes down to my unrealistic expectations of others; which is something I need to bear in mind.

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You are right about humanity. People considered to be healthy are really crazy and not us. We just have an illness. They only know how to degrade others and play smart and they are hypocites. I 'm sick of society. They should have more respect in people like us who suffer from an illness but they do the opposite.

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I don’t think it’s your fault, don’t think that way. You just have to relax and watch other peoples’ behaviours, and you 'll see how cheap they are.


Man, I totally agree. It truly does seem like those who are considered “normal” and “healthy”, are the f$@#ing crazy ones. I’m not even entirely convinced I have an illness at all. After all they’re the ones that claim I do. I feel completely okay. I’m just different. It’s society that sucks. It’s society that needs done away with.

One thing I’ve noticed is that we tend to be extremely sensitive in one way or another, whereas others are just numb, all around. Their senses are almost dead, in comparison. They live in a bubble and don’t feel very deeply about anything. They always settle for minimum thought. They are indeed cheap. They show no interest in, or curiosity for anything outside of their mundane daily lives. Rather, fear and rebuke.

I think we see much more than there is to see, but it often gets all twisted n f%$&ed up because we don’t know how to make sense of any of it. We’re like children without parents, born into a strange, unfamiliar world. There’s nobody to really help us or guide us, only label us as psychotic and shove pills down our throats to quell it all. It’s sad, and it’s the reason I keep shrinking further and further from people. The demons in my head are all I have at this point, and maybe they’re all I ever truly had, in the first place.


Yeah I do agree with you, but that’s what I mean, that’s just the way people are; and it is unrealistic to expect them to be any other way, because they simply just don’t understand. Though how I wish I could make them.

@UnknownExistence nailed exactly how I feel with: [quote=“UnknownExistence, post:10, topic:75429”]
Man, I totally agree. It truly does seem like those who are considered “normal” and “healthy”, are the f$@#ing crazy ones.


All the people I know have disappointed me. So the cupboard is now bare. There’s really nobody that I expect anything from.

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If you want healthy social interactions… you got to learn to need nothing from people.

From there you gotta be able to recognize the personal biases that you can get along with and enjoy comversing with.

Ask yourself… what are your sensitivities and sympathies? How much deviation from that can you tolerate? What is your ongoing capacity to be forgiving? (generously without need for reciprocation).

… what are the red flags that leave you totally disinterested in someone?

Then you just get a bunch of akquaintances/friends so that you can spread the burden of yourself thinky enough that your bridges never burn.

I know that about %80-90 of the people I know… their free time isn’t structured at all. It’s like a weekend back in highschool at every moment for them.

There are those who don’t mind catering to the needy. I know a couple cute girls even who enjoy the more interesting company of the mentally ill.

That’s kind of the spread of it. Those are the insights.

I still spend 95% of my time alone and I think that there is good work to be done in that. Learning happiness with the self and how to keep entertained.

Even with psychosis, working on shutting out the world and suspending grievances with it and the past.

… it is possible… and perhaps the healthiest thing a shizophrenic can do.


People actually don’t disappoint me, because I’ve always had extremely low expectations. The world has gone bad, and most people judge each other far too much, but once you accept that, it stops being disappointing and you can get on quite well with others.


Sometimes I listen to some ■■■■ that comes from other people, but I have a low self esteem, then I think my opinion values nothing. I think so because of my disease. I think: “Why should my opinion matters if I have a disease that doesn’t make me think clearly.” I know it’s not true, but my mind is always trying to trick me.

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You are sooooo right, I love you!!

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I feel the same…

.///. Well… not gonna lie… that made my face rather warm… I am just glad someone sees my point of view. It makes me feel not so alone. I love you too, stranger, in a strangerly sort of way. o-o

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I keep hoping that other people will testify about my personal situation in a court of law, but their whole orientation towards my personal situation is how they can make money off my misfortune. Yes, you could say I am disappointed with other people.

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Yes, I see it that way…people are so cruel and selfish, we are like black sheep. They do what they do, they say what they say and we are always the ones they put down. That’s why we are sensitive I think and also keep in mind that we are special, we are still human, we made it to come to this life just as the others and also we are special because we are not like the others, as one said here we are one of the hundred and the others are all boring…keep these in mind when you feel sad, we deserve a lot, only a few people if so can recognise it.